Remember Shenaz Treasury? Here's what the 39-year-old actress is doing now

Updated: Jun 29, 2020, 09:35 | Nikita Wagh
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    Shenaz Treasury was one of the earliest among the popular Video Jockeys (VJ) to make a shift to Bollywood. Her first movie, Ishq Vishk did wonders for her co-star Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao (to some extent), but she, unfortunately, remained on the sidelines. However, she says she has not limited herself to acting as it might become frustrating to depend solely on the profession. (All pictures/Shenaz Tresury's official Instagram account)

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    Born on June 29, 1981, Shenaz Treasury is a complete Mumbai girl. She started out as a model for Goldspot back when she was attending college in St. Xavier's, Mumbai. She was later selected as an MTV VJ, in a special MTV VJ Hunt contest.

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    Shenaz Treasury's father is from the merchant navy and she is a hardcore traveller!

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    Despite having a career spanning over 15 years, Shenaz Treasury, who is also a writer, said she cannot think of doing films all her life till she establishes herself. In an interview with IANS, she said, "I love acting. But unless you are a superstar like Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra... Unless you get to that level, I don't think that's (acting) the only thing you should do."

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    Shenaz Treasury further added, "I feel so blessed that I've written a screenplay (Luv Ka The End), I am writing a book, I do travelogue. I make money not so much from acting but my travelogue... Being just an actor would be quite frustrating."

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    Shenaz Treasury, who was also seen as an air-hostess and Imran Khan's love interest in the 2001 comedy film, Delhi Belly, said she is not bothered about being seen on celluloid as she was never hungry for fame in the same interview. "I never wanted to be famous, that was not my dream. I just like being creative. Be it doing films or a Netflix show, 'The Big Sick', or the movie I shot in America called 'My Cousin Sister's Wedding'. I do these roles but it doesn't matter if it's Hollywood or Bollywood," said Shenaz.

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    Shenaz Treasury, who has also acted in Telugu films such as 'Eduruleni Manishi', launched her own destination marketing company called We Run The World. "It's my goal to showcase hotels, spas, destinations and countries that I love to the world. I do this by marrying my love for travel and my talent for hosting and producing content," Shenaz said.

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    "I like to actually experience each destination fully and my hands on approach and experiential content resonates with people. I am real. I am not just a sexy actor posing with perfect hair and make-up. I am real, I am honest, they identify with me. I'm thrilled to be able to share all my unique experiences with the world. At the moment. everyone still calls it Travel With Shenaz and the hashtag #travelwithshenaz is used by most travel enthusiasts around India," Shenaz added.

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    In 2014, Shenaz Treasury wrote a powerful open letter to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, raising the issue of women's safety in India.

  • Shenaz Treasury shared this picture along with a series of pictures of videos on Republic Day and wrote, "What does Republic Day mean to you? Let’s honour our constitution.
    Swipe right for more Stay strong. Happy Republic Day! [sic]"

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    Not just a famous travel writer, blogger and vlogger, Shenaz Treasury has also written travel articles to various magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Femina.

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    Shenaz Treasury was a regular contributor at America's 'The Nightly Show' with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central.

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    Shenaz was last seen on the big screen in the film Kaalakaandi (2018) starring Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Oberoi, directed by Akshat Verma of 'Delhi Belly' fame.

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    Shenaz Treasury has also starred in the Hollywood show Brown Nation.

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    Shenaz Treasury has also studied method acting at the world famous 'Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute'.

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    Shenaz Treasury was also a travel show host. She hosted 'Culture Shock' on Travel Channel. Shenaz Treasury's undying love for travel is a part of her work and life. What more one could have asked for?

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    Shenaz Treasury had earlier confessed that she rejected quite a few roles requiring her to wear bikinis and do item numbers...not that she doesn't wear swimsuits in real life.

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    In an interview with mid-day, a few years back, Shenaz Treasury was quoted saying, "I did reject quite a few offers that required me to wear a bikini and do item numbers. That is not where I want to go with my career. Also, there are lots of bikini and item girls out there. They are fabulous at what they do; I don't judge them at all. But then I don't want to join them or compete with them."

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    While Shenaz isn't keen on wearing skimpy clothes on screen, she isn't someone who shies away from wearing a bikini in real life.

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    In fact, Shenaz prides herself in being the proud owner of a closet full of bikinis. "I swim every day and swimming is my salvation. Nothing in the world makes me feel more relaxed. I am a complete water baby and wear a bikini in the pool every day. In fact I have a whole collection of bikinis. So, I'm not prudish or anything," the actress said.

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    Shenaz Treasury's Instagram photos will make you pack your bags and go on a long vacation right now!

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    Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Shenaz!

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