Revolutionising fitness: Sucheta Pal flaunts her pregnant belly, embraces motherhood

Updated: Jan 06, 2020, 09:44 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta Pal is the Ambassador and Education specialist for Zumba Fitness. She was also felicitated in 2018 by the Honourable President of India as First Lady for the wellness of women.

    In picture: Sucheta shared the picture with her husband and is seen pointing towards her belly. She creatively used the hashtag #pregnantandperfect

  • Sucheta Pal

    Not many know that Sucheta was once overdosing on depression pills but with her passion and courage, she achieved heights. 

    In picture: She shared why did she choose the hashtag #pregnantandperfect and said, "Just like any other first-time mom my maternal instincts have totally kicked-in into my 2nd trimester. I changed my mindset one baby step at a time (pun intended) to function from a sense of positivity, strength and peace and from it rose the #PregnantandPerfect thought process and now eventually the movement.

  • Sucheta Pal

    "Kick me "baby" one more time," she wrote as she posted pictures from her maternity photo shoot.

  • Sucheta Pal

    "Counting 9 months of falling in love for a lifetime...and almost 15 years before that, of being #NotThePerfectCouple! And we love ittttt," she wrote.

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta was initially an Electrical and Electronics Engineer who started her career as a corporate warrior only to leave it midway. She followed her passion and brought about a fitness revolution in India.

    In picture: She says, 'A lil constipated, hormonal and sometimes super-exhausted wala MJ'

  • Sucheta Pal

    She was still in dilemma about her career options and even though her psychologist advised her to work towards her business plan, she couldn't decide and instead chose to take a drug overdose of anti-depressants.

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta has been flaunting her pregnant belly. She shared, "There is something very beautiful about being pregnant. I can't wait to be a mom. I can’t wait to teach her/him the little things, dance with my child, watch the child grow!"

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta wore a one-of-its-kind dress for her baby shower. "It was soooo me...we spend almost 10 days going over exactly what I wanted...which was quirky+comfort as my two top priorities and for this occasion super cute too. I also wanted white+off shoulder+trail+hint of blue and pink."

  • Sucheta Pal

    In an interview, Sucheta said that one needs 30-40 mins of exercise each day. In a candid pose, Sucheta Pal donned a black crop top and a green skirt.

  • Sucheta Pal

    After training and teaching in the United States, Sucheta Pal returned to India in 2012.

    In picture: Sucheta posed with her husband in a romantic way and called him "the culprit"

  • Sucheta Pal

    Along with different poses and pictures, Sucheta made her way on Instagram captions as well. She used quirky and out of the box captions. "Loving insomnia, peeing 5 times a night, flaky skin and hair fall ...said no pregger woman ever!!!"

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta set new trends and goals with her pregnancy pictures and the attitude she carried in them.

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta sat with her legs crossed and posed as she was doing yoga. "ing away negativity today and breathing in all the positive," she says.

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta made sure she celebrated every festival with her baby who was to come into the world soon. She donned a Santa cap for Christmas. 

  • Sucheta Pal

    Sucheta was blessed with a baby boy on December 27, 2019. She wrote, "This KING is going to rule our hearts forever."

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Sucheta Pal is the First Indian Zumba Master trainer. She has a dramatic past as she tried overdosing on depression pills. She studied engineering but brought about a whole new fitness revolution in India. She recently became a mother to a boy. Here are photos from her pregnancy.

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