Richa Chadha's lockdown posts are all sorts of intense and interesting!

Updated: May 22, 2020, 07:20 | Nikita Sawant
  • It's not just fun and games with Richa Chadha during the lockdown! The Masaan actress has been working on herself as well. Sharing a video, Richa informed her fans, "I am learning a new art form to satisfy my creative urges... with no goal in mind... One must just learn without expectations... without thinking about how that learning could come in handy in a film, or at a family gathering, or anything for that matter..." (All pictures/Richa Chadha's Instagram account)

  • Meet Quarantina, Richa's news anchor alter ego. The actress delivered the daily news with a twist in this video. She wrote, "Sorry this video was delayed... getting harder to find the funny in news... hug someone, tell your family you love them, call that friend you fought with! Love is the only way to overcome this."

  • Amid all the chaos and anxiety surrounding all of us during the pandemic, Richa Chadha looking calm and relaxed in this black and white picture is quite soothing. Isn't this a lovely photo?

  • What better way to spend all the free time on your hands than picking up a good book? Sharing this photo, Richa wrote, "A @ryanholiday kinda photo for a Ryan Holiday appreciation post. I was intrigued when I read 'Trust me, I am lying'. But subsequently, got introduced to Stoicism in 'Obstacle is the Way' and 'Ego is the Enemy'. Happy to sink my teeth in 'Stillness Is the Key'. Happy reading!"

  • Of course, staying indoors for so long means you get to spend a whole lot of time with your pets as well! "Clean, cook, eat, read, repeat. I am going to use my time positively, in helping other humans out and spreading joy and love at home... Spending time with my family as much as I can virtually and my pets. And PRAYING," wrote Richa.

  • Sharing how she had anxiety in the first week of the lockdown, Richa Chadha said how she would 'check the death toll from this lethal virus and feel extremely sad'. Here's what she did: "I made it a habit to get up and #meditate every day... and of course I am using comedy to alleviate stress all around..."

  • Like many people who are separated from their loved ones due to the lockdown, Richa Chadha has been missing beau Ali Fazal too. Sharing a throwback video, Richa wrote, "Long time no see @alifazal9. (Surprise) When we could travel."

  • Last but not the least, Richa Chadha shared this stunning photo of her all dressed up but with nowhere to go! Do you also get dressed up during the lockdown only to go sit in your living room?

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Amid the coronavirus lockdown, Richa Chadha has been sharing social media posts that are as intense and interesting as her characters in her films. Let's take a look at some of them!