Sanjana Vij: The gorgeous Miss India participant with blue eyes

Updated: Jan 13, 2020, 10:39 | Sherlin Rajan
  • Sanjana Vij

    Hailing from Delhi, Sanjana Vij is an MTech graduate in Biotechnology from Amity University and was working in a multinational company in Hyderabad when she decided to participate in beauty pageants.


  • Sanjana Vij

    The 23-year-old started her journey with the pageant when she participated in the fbb Campus Princess pageant in 2016 while in college.

  • Sanjana Vij

    Vij then represented Telangana in the Femina Miss India 2019 and won big in the preliminary rounds. She bagged Miss Smasher for playing badminton in the sports category of the pageant.

  • Sanjana Vij

    The blue-eyed beauty, born on March 23, 1995, also won Miss Spectacular Eyes in the preliminary rounds.

  • Sanjana Vij

    As one of the representatives of the South zone, Vij also won Miss Photogenic in the round.

  • Sanjana Vij

    She finished fourth in the grand finale of the pageant, falling behind Shreya Sankar (Femina Miss India United Continents 2019), Shivani Jadhav (Femina Miss Grand India 2019) and Suman Rao (Femina Miss India World 2019)

  • Sanjana Vij

    Vij was the only contestant from the South zone who managed to qualify for the Top 6.

  • Sanjana Vij

    Sanjana has said that she felt proud to represent Telangana in the Miss India pageant.

  • Sanjana Vij

    Vij considers auditioning for the Campus Princess pageant as the turning point of her life. 

  • Sanjana Vij

    She describes herself as strong-willed, energetic and progressive.

  • Sanjana Vij

    On the personal front, she is also a Bharatnatyam dancer and was an athlete while in school.


  • Sanjana Vij

    Her interest lies in shooting, dancing, sprinting, playing basketball and acting. She said that she harboured her interests in shooting and sprinting as an NCC cadet back in school.

  • Sanjana Vij

    Vij is also known to post witty caption on her Instagram posts. For this photo, she captions, "When somebody tells me to stand at ease."

  • Sanjana Vij

    Another of her witty captions, reads, "Yet another day, mom came and left without switching the fan back on (sic)."

  • Sanjana Vij

    She captions this photo, "You're not born with a fixed amount of resilience, you build it. Don't rush to recover, experience the failure. Don't hide sadness, express it. Only then you can come back stronger. Don't try to control the winds, adjust your sails to it."

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Femina Miss India 2019 first runner up Sanjana Vij has been contesting in pageants since 2016. This blue-eyed beauty has since then won Miss Telangana and represented the state in the Miss India pageant last year. Let's know more about her.