Sheetal Mafatlal is making heads turn in these all-black outfits

Updated: Dec 31, 2019, 15:17 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Mumbai socialite Sheetal Mafatlal looked chic in a black dress which was transparent from the bottom. She accessorised it with a golden shimmery cap.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    If one happens to glance through Sheetal Mafatlal's Instagram profile, it is evident that she often resorts to monochrome outfits, particularly the white and black ones. However, she always makes it a point to look different.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Sheetal Mafatlal can carry a simple t-shirt with as much poise as a dressy outfit. In a simple black t-shirt which she sported along with sunglasses, she looked like a diva while feasting on an ice-cream.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    It is not just in her clothes but Sheetal Mafatlal carries the glam quotient in her eyes. 'Diaphanous & Sheer,’ she wrote.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    In an interview, Sheetal Mafatlal was asked what fashion meant to her. She replied that fashion to her was an extension of her personality.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Not just at event or parties, Sheetal Mafatlal knows how to carry an all-black outfit for an airport look too! Styled with a printed white bag, Mafatlal looked like a diva!

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Sheetal Mafatlal often tries and experiments with outfits and this picture is proof! She carried a dress with fringes and paired it with subtle studs in the ears and bracelets in the hands.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Sheetal Mafatlal knows how to add glamour to simple outfits. Donning a plain black crop top with shimmery pants accentuates her personality so well! She wore red lipstick and looked no less than a diva.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Mafatlal is known for wearing a lot of hats and that too at events! She looked like a fashionista with subtle makeup, black outfit and a hat.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    In picture: Sheetal Mafatlal vacay-ing in Italy.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    'And she turned heads wherever she went', is the title that Sheetal Mafatlal would like to give to her autobiography, which she spoke about in an interview.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    "One Step At A Time..." Sheetal Mafatlal captioned the picture where she paired an all-black outfit with different coloured boots and heart-shaped sun-glasses.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Sheetal Mafatlal looked chic in a black dress and black shoes. "When in Paris Live Your Dream..." she wrote.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    Not just dresses and clothes, Sheetal Mafatlal can ace crossing a traffic signal also while looking ethereal.

  • Sheetal Mafatlal

    "Being subtle is not an option..." she wrote as she styled a plain black dress with red boots.

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Mumbai socialite Sheetal Mafatlal is no less than a fashionista. She bedazzles and looks chic in anything she adorns. However, the colour black really brings out her personality.

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