Remember Kalyug actress Smilie Suri? She is a happy pole dancer now

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  • Smilie Suri, Kunal Kemmu in Kalyug

    Born on April 30, 1983, Smilie Suri is the daughter of Daksh Suri and Heena Suri. Best remembered as the Kalyug actress, at 22, Smilie made her Bollywood debut alongside Kunal Kemmu with the crime-drama. The film was directed by her brother Mohit Suri, and produced by maternal uncles Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. (All photos/Smilie Suri's Instagram account)

  • Smilie Suri

    Smilie is related to the Bhatt family. Smilie's mother Heena Suri is the daughter veteran director Nanabhai Bhatt and actress Shirin from the 1930s. Filmmakers Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt are Heena Suri's siblings, thus making Pooja Bhatt, Shaheen Bhatt, Alia Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt and Sakshi Bhatt are cousins. Emraan Hashmi too is her distant cousin.

  • Smilie Suri with mother Heena Suri

    In picture: Smilie's childhood picture with mother Heena Suri, who was an air hostess. She shared this picture on Instagram and wrote an emotional note alongside. "Yeah, I wish I could celebrate mothers day too. I'm told I've grown up to be just like u. Emotional, sensitive, loyal! And I do carry my heart on my sleeve. I am blunt and ruthlessly honest when it comes to the truth. N when I cry, I cry like u did. But I laugh a lot too, something I'm told u did. That u brought a smile to every room u walked into, that u stole everyone's hearts, and consoled their minds. I'm trying to get there too. I always wonder what it would be like, to meet u today, would u know me? would u be proud of me? Would u pole dance? @polestarindia and binge-watch #netflixandchill with me?. I'd give anything to meet u for just 5 mins. Just to say ; "hi, mum (heena) it's me ssmilly! Just to know what your reply would be.," read her caption.

  • Smilie Suri with father Daksh Suri

    Smilie was 5 and Mohit Suri was 8 when they lost their mother Heena Suri. Their father Daksh Suri was their strength of pillar during their growing up days.

    In picture: Smilie with her father Daksh Suri, who passed away in 2011.

  • Smilie Suri with father Daksh Suri

    Smilie shared this throwback picture with her father on Instagram and wrote alongside, "Happy bday papa! U were are and will always be my guiding star my #polestar until we meet again, cheers and save me a spot by your high chair; even today, I always was, am and will be your partner in crime, Ur wing girl, Ur alibi and Ur daughter. So hold on to me like always did. Coz I hold onto only u. With u; coz I know u stand by me..#happybirthday,"

  • Smilie Suri with brother Mohit Suri

    On the professional front, though Smilie Suri (projected as a star kid) was launched through the Bhatt camp, she had to share a fair share of struggles to excel in her career.

  • Smilie Suri with cousin Sakshi Bhatt

    "Even though I had people in the industry, it was a struggle for me to get my first acting assignment. I assisted on 'Zehar' and 'Murder'. One day went up to Mahesh Bhatt-saab at the shooting of 'Zehar' and told him I wanted to act. But he told me that he will not cast me till I don't suit a particular role and I don't learn the nuances of the industry. He and my brother told me that I need to work hard and learn. So I had my share of waiting and struggle," Smilie Suri was quoted saying in an interview, back in 2009.

  • Smilie Suri

    Though her debut was a huge hit, Smilie Suri's acting career never took off. "After the success of 'Kalyug', I wanted something better or at least as good as it. But I didn't get anything good enough. So it was not a conscious decision to wait...," said Smilie, who went on to star in merely three more films later, which turned out to be Box Office duds.

    In picture: Smilie Suri shared this picture and wrote alongside, "1998 to 2008 and 2018. The whole truth as is. Then and now. Life changes u, from.challenge to challenge and circumstance to circumstance and from teething pains to period pains to aching pains. U live u learn, wisdom and beauty like wine add to your character. We rise when we fall. And win as we lose. Cheers to falling, failing to losing and to getting up blow after blow yo yet another day another week another year."

  • Smilie Suri with husband Vineet Bangera

    On the personal front, Smilie Suri was earlier linked to then 'Mahabharat' actor Shaheer Sheikh. She later married her Salsa mentor Vineet Bangera in 2014. In the same year, the couple appeared in the dance reality show Nach Baliye - Season 7.

    In picture: Smilie Suri with ex-husband Vineet Bangera.

  • Smilie Suri with husband Vineet Bangera

    However, things didn't work out between the couple and Smilie and Vineet headed to splitsville, withing two years after marriage. Smilie and Vineet parted ways in 2016. "We connected over our passion for dance and mistook it for love. We realized that our decision was wrong only after marriage," said Smilie, while announcing about her divorce.

  • Smilie Suri

    Smilie Suri went through a tough time while dealing with personal as well as professional lows at the same time. While battling health issues and depression, she was introduced to pole dancing, which helped her to pick herself up.

  • Smilie Suri pole dance

    Pole dancing helped her so much that she underwent professional training and decided to teach it herself. "Pole dancing gave me the focus and grounding I needed. It helps develop a focused state of mind and in the end, after training, I used to be so tired that I used to get a good night's sleep, which is hard to achieve otherwise. Malkham and pole dancing is like a 'tapasya' (meditation) for the body and mind and it can help cure depression," said Smilie.

  • Smilie Suri pole dance

    The former actress regularly shares pictures and videos on social media of herself performing the dance form. "I took a lot of time to heal. After a hit like 'Kalyug', I didn't get any films, and I come from a family of achievers. To be able to live through that and say 'I need help' is very difficult. I took time to realise the true purpose of my life. Everyone takes their own amount of time to heal, which is why we are giving people this opportunity and this temple to find hope and heal," she added.

    In picture: Smilie shared this mindboggling picture of hers while pole dancing and captioned it: "Living on the edge. Smiling through our pain. That's what all of us do. That's why we make stories and memories worth handing down. We make history. Pout through your pain, and smile at all your woes. This too shall pass!"

  • Smilie Suri pole dance

    Smilie had frequent attacks of depression, severe Thyroid problems and other challenges before pursuing pole fitness. And now, she is winning hearts and inspiring many as she trains students in the art of pole dancing!

  • Smilie Suri pole dance

    Dear Smilie, you couldn't have inspired us more!

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