Special Ops trailer launch: Sana Khaan, Gautami Kapoor, Divya Dutta attend

Updated: Mar 04, 2020, 17:57 | Nandish
  • Kay Kay Menon, Gautami Kapoor, Divya Dutta

    The cast and crew of Neeraj Pandey's Special Ops attended the trailer launch of their show in Mumbai. In the months since he announced his digital debut, filmmaker Neeraj Pandey has been hard at work giving shape to his ambitious show, Special Ops. Pandey, who is helming the series along with Naam Shabana director Shivam Nair, spent the better part of last year perfecting the material. All pictures/Pallav Paliwal

    In picture: Kay Kay Menon with Gautami Kapoor and Divya Dutta at the trailer launch.

  • Gautami Kapoor, Divya Dutta

    This fast-paced 8-episode series is based on the role of Indian intelligence in a series of real terror attacks that India faced over the last 19 years.

    In picture: Gautami Kapoor and Divya Dutta pose for the photographers.

  • Divya Dutta

    Starting with the 2001 attack on Indian Parliament, the show goes back and forth in time covering several other events including 26/11, Kashmir terror attacks amongst others; and the chase for the single mastermind behind these attacks – making it the longest manhunt in Indian Intelligence for India's deadliest enemy.

    In picture: Divya Dutta looked pretty in her lilac saree as she arrived for the trailer launch.

  • Sana Khaan

    Sana Khann, who is also part of the show, opted for a traditional attire as she attended the trailer launch of Special Ops in Mumbai. Keeping with the scale, Special Ops has been shot across numerous international locales including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Jordan and India.

  • Karan Tacker

    Neeraj Pandey talking about the show said, "Special Ops is a story I thought of many years ago – it's a big idea that required a lot of patience and research to pursue and develop. With newer and exciting formats of storytelling gaining prominence, we were able to build a fabulous team to create this larger than life story that strings together many real events from the past two decades."

    In picture: Karan Tacker at Special Ops trailer launch event in Mumbai.

  • Muzammil Ibrahim

    Neeraj Pandey further added, "For the first time in the history of Indian entertainment, the 2001 Indian Parliament Attack has been recreated on celluloid. That's just one of the many big moments from the show."

    In picture: Muzammil Ibrahim at Special Ops trailer launch event in Mumbai.

  • Hotstar Special Ops team

    Kay Kay Menon said, "Special Ops offers a very unique perspective to the role of Indian intelligence. Undercover agents are the true unsung heroes of our time. On the face of it they appear just like you and me – leading a normal life and perfectly blending in the crowd – but they are constantly on duty, protecting and serving the nation from any threats. Special Ops tries to bring forth the lives of these agents that try to capture the mastermind behind several unfortunate attacks."

    In picture: Divya Dutta, Kay Kay Menon, Gautami Kapoor and Sana Khaan.

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Kay Kay Menon, Gautami Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Sana Khaan, Karan Tacker and Muzammil Ibrahim attended the trailer launch of Hotstar Special Ops in Mumbai. We have pictures