Spotted in Santacruz! Nimrat Kaur rocks the gym look

Updated: 09 September, 2020 07:24 IST | Nandish
  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    Nimrat Kaur was clicked stepping out from a food mall in Santacruz, Mumbai. The actress looked stunning in her all-black ready for gym attire. She a black sports bra, gym pants and a black jacket with a matching face mask. All pictures/Yogen Shah

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    During the lockdown, Nimrat Kaur has been quite active on her Instagram sharing posts about her show Homeland, doing yoga among other things. She was also vocal about asking people to stay home amid lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    Nimrat has regularly been sharing her post-yoga selfie which she calls '#Matfie'. She wrote in one of her posts, "Let's make the next 3 weeks personally fun and something for us all to look forward to!!! Practise, post, tag, give up something dear to you that you've been wanting to...and journal away your yoga stories [sic]".

    In picture: Nimrat Kaur see stepping of out the mall in Santacruz.

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    Nimrat Kaur's current Instagram is filled with images from what appears to be a quick monsoon getaway to the countryside in Maharashtra. She has shared multiple images for scenic lush green hills and valley with rainbows. One such image of a rainbow she captioned: "Rain God's Insta-stories turn the heart into a child, each time... #StarryEyed #NowYouSeeItNowYouDont #WindowView [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    In another post in which she shared multiple images, Nimrat Kaur is seen walking through the wilderness. She wrote alongside the pictures, "I'm where it takes very little to be very, very happy...(mostly under my umbrella!) With unfathomable shades of greys and greens for always it's come down to being exactly where my soul belongs- the wilderness, simple adventures and natural abundance. Can’t have enough...never possibly will!! #WildHeart #GPSYourJoy #MakeYourOwnMagic #KeepCalmAndCarryYourSnacks [sic]"

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    Nimrat also shared a couple of selfies of her on her trek and wrote, "Mountain wind blowdried and crisp farm air kissed!! #AuNaturel #BreathingLifeIn [sic]"

    In picture: Nimrat Kaur waves at the photographers in Santacruz.

  • Nimrat Kaur spotted in Santacruz, Mumbai

    On the work front, Nimrat Kaur was last seen in season 8 of US series Homeland, which also stars Claire Danes, Maury Sterling and others. The finale aired on April 26.

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Nimrat Kaur sported an all-black attire as she was clicked by the photographers in Santacruz, Mumbai. We have pictures

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