Telly couple Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey's love story is the cutest!

Updated: 06 September, 2020 11:45 IST | Nikita Wagh
  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey are considered one of the most cutest couples of the Telly world. They say 'You don't find love. It just happens' and so did Sargun and Ravi experienced. The couple first met on the sets of Zee TV's 2009 show 12/24 Karol Bagh. They became friends on the sets and fell in love. (All photos/Sargun Mehta's official Instagram account and mid-day archives)

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    'Cute' was the first impression of Sargun Mehta about Ravi Dubey, who played the latter's on-screen wife in the show 12/24 Karol Bagh. Ravi was to play a mentally retarded guy, and the makers initially showed Sargun photographs of Ravi's look test, and her reaction was 'chee'. However, on the promo shoot day, when Ravi knocked on Sargun's vanity door dressed in usual best, her first reaction was – "Who is this cute guy?"

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    Interestingly, they started dating organically. From friends to close friends, Sargun and Ravi both realised that they had become more than just friends. 

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    And then one day the couple suddenly felt it. When Ravi quizzed Sargun 'Don't you think we are like dating', Sargun was quick to say, 'Yeah, I guess we are dating'.

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    While Sargun found him cute but reserved as a co-star, Ravi found her extremely lively, chirpy and vibrant. After five months into the relationship, Sargun and Ravi announced their courtship.

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    According to Sargun, Ravi is not a romantic guy at all. The hopelessly romantic actor once went to the Archies showroom to buy a card for Sargun, ahead of their first Valentine's Day date, only to get irritated looking at all the cards. Ravi asked the salesman to pick the biggest heart card for him and gave to Sargun even without writing anything on it. 

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    When Ravi gave the heart card to Sargun, the actress wittily asked him if she could recycle it for her next boyfriend since he had not written anything in it.

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    The not-so-romantic Ravi Dubey had once gifted Washing Machine and a TV to his girlfriend Sargun Mehta. Can you believe it?

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    However, Ravi Dubey surprised Sargun Mehta and proving her qualms wrong about him being totally unromantic when he went down on one knee on Nach Baliye - Season 5 and popped the question with a solitaire ring.

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    Ravi Dubey's filmy proposal for Sargun Mehta was a complete 'aww' moment for everyone on the sets and for their fans too. Needless to say, she said YES!

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    On December 7, 2013, Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey got married. Post marriage, Ravi Dubey said, "It feels great to be married. I am in a very happy space. Sargun completes me. We are overwhelmed with the wishes of our friends and colleagues."

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    Sargun and Ravi had a big fat Indian wedding with all the festivities Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet and lavish wedding reception. Sargun Mehta said, "It's a fantastic feeling to be among all our family members and friends from the industry. We will cherish the moments forever."

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    The couple recently collaborated for a song video 'Toxic' by Badshah. Asked if he could reunite with one former co-star, whom would he pick, Ravi Dubey said, "It would have to be Sargun. The reason is not that she is my wife. I have massive respect for her as an actor and performer. I would feel proud and privileged to act with somebody like Sargun. We have performed various times on the stage and after '...Karol Bagh', Sargun and I have not done anything in fiction or acted together. So, performing with Sargun in a film will be equivalent to performing with greatness."

  • Sargun Mehta, Ravi Dubey

    Well, fans too are hoping to see the couple on-screen together as it's been a while they have seen their sizzling chemistry light up the screens.

    P.S: Happy birthday, Sargun!

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