The dazzling Neha Jaiswal is quite a fashionista in these 15 photos

Updated: Mar 04, 2020, 17:53 | Sherlin Rajan
  • Neha Jaiswal

    Bhopal girl Neha Jaiswal was crowned the Miss Diva runner-up 2020 by her predecessor Roshni Sheoran, on February 22 at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    23-year-old Jaiswal completed her schooling from Army Public School in Kirkee, Pune and went on to study architecture from Aaoyjan School of Architecture in Jaipur

  • Neha Jaiswal

    Jaiswal has also won the title of Elite Miss Rajasthan in 2016. 


  • Neha Jaiswal

    She had qualified for the finals of the Miss Diva 2020 competition by winning the Campus Princess 2019 competition. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    Architect by profession, her interest lies in travelling, sketching and playing the piano or keyboard.

  • Neha Jaiswal

    She considers her mother to be the most influential person in her life. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    Jaiswal describes herself as soft-hearted, focussed and optimistic.

  • Neha Jaiswal

    She is a firm believer of the quote, "Everything happens twice, first in her mind and then in reality."

  • Neha Jaiswal

    She believes that her clarity of thought, meticulous nature and kind conduct.

  • Neha Jaiswal

    Jaiswal stands for reforms in climate change as she feels, that people need to consciously take steps towards conserving nature.

  • Neha Jaiswal

    As per her bio on her Instagram profile, she calls herself an 'Army brat'. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    In this photo, she quotes Bob Dylan in the caption that reads, "The purpose of art is to stop time." 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    She believes that an ideal woman should be confident in her own skin, assertive and inclined towards self development. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    Jaiswal had said that she likes to dream big but believes in simple living. 

  • Neha Jaiswal

    The Miss Diva runner-up believes that pageantry gives a platform for young women a leadership opportunity and using their beauty to reach out to people to add value to their lives. 

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