The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

Mar 13, 2019, 10:37 IST
  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    While bars are now dime a dozen, the Ghetto has managed to last in a city for almost 25 years making it an ideal place for a perfect night out or a hanging session with your friends.

  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    The dive bar offers the best thing to eat during a night of heavy drinking. They serve barbecued chicken and lots and lots of cheese.

  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    Even after more than a decade, Ghetto still looks the same; dark interiors, blacklight, neon graffiti, that mural of Jim Morrisson, numerous scribbles by patrons on the walls.

  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    Ghetto remains a must-go hangout especially amongst patrons who prefer to chill here after a night of eating out elsewhere. The vibe is still laidback and the dive bar plays music such as U2, Metallica, guitar solos and arena-filling vocals.

  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    Ghetto is one of the few places in Mumbai, where a woman can sit alone and no one will bother her. Ladies have a great time in this dive bar.

  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    On a normal day in Ghetto, people stand around the pool table, playing game after game, and just bonding over beers. The Dive bar has become everyone’s local watering hole.

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The decade-old Ghetto is a sweet spot for Breach Candy's party-goers. The Ghetto is a perfect place for a night out, or chill session with buddies, an excuse for a game of pool and even an early drinking session. The bar has a psychedelic sorts od interiors and a cool vibe make the great spot for party goers. All Pics/ Bipin Kokate.


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