Karan Deol completes 1 year in Bollywood: Lesser-known facts about Sunny Deol's son

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  • Karan Deol birthday

    Born on November 27, 1990, Karan Deol is the son of Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. The star kid, who made his Bollywood debut in 2019 with Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, is better known as Rocky in the film industry. (All photos/Karan Deol, Sunny Deol and Dharmendra's official Instagram account)

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Sunny Deol and his brother Bobby Deol were launched by their actor father Dharmendra with 'Betaab' and 'Barsaat', respectively. Later Dharmendra launched his nephew Abhay Deol too with 'Socha Na Tha'. And to continue the family tradition, Sunny Deol took the directorial baton and decided to launch Karan through 'Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas', which released in September 2019.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Being introduced as the new 'star kid' on the block, Karan Deol, under the supervision of his father, Sunny Deol, says it was like film school for him!

  • Karan Deol birthday

    At 18, Karan Deol was clear that he wants to be an actor. Talking about his aspirations to follow in his father's footsteps, Karan Deol told mid-day, "While dad is understanding and loving, I feared him, not only because he is strict, but out of respect. I confided in my mother, who acted as a mediator between dad and me. I remember telling him about my aspirations and he said, 'Are you sure? It is emotionally and mentally challenging. During your good moments people will be with you and abandon you as quickly when in trouble. But come what may, you can't succumb to the pressure'."

    In picture: A warm hug shared by Sunny Deol with his son Karan Deol.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Karan Deol attended several workshops and learnt acting under director Rahul Rawail's guidance. He did a six-month filmmaking course in London and then assisted director Sangeeth Sivan on Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, that starred Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Dharmendra.

    In picture: Sunny Deol and Karan Deol on the sets of Yamla Pagla Deewana 2.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Watching his father-actor Sunny Deol's films became a part of Karan's routine, while growing up. Karan Deol had confessed that he and his family (brother and mother) wouldn't see Sunny often, so watching him on the screen was a way to emotionally connect with him. "On rare occasions, Mom and I would travel to his shoots. When his character was punched by villains, I'd start crying. At the same time, seeing him do action was scary. I feared that dad was an angry person," said Karan Deol in an interview with mid-day.

    In picture: Brothers Karan Deol and Rajvir Deol clicked in a candid moment.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Being a quiet kid, Karan Deol had even revealed that he was bullied in his childhood. Karan Deol was bullied in school for being a star kid and says children, as well as teachers, would either judge him or make fun of him.

    In picture: A young Sunny Deol with his son Karan Deol.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    "The first memory I have of school was when, in first grade, we had a sports competition and I was taking part in a race. I was standing there when suddenly a few older boys surrounded me. One of them lifted me and, in front of everyone, smacked me down. He then asked me, 'Are you sure you're Sunny Deol's son? You can't even fight back'. I was very embarrassed," Karan said in an interview with IANS.

    In picture: Yes, that cutie is Karan Deol! Sunny Deol shared this photo on Instagram and wrote alongside - Son helping his father.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    It didn't get any easier from there. Most kids would either judge little Karan or make fun of him. Even the teachers were the same. A teacher once asked Karan Deol in the middle of the class, 'you're only capable to write your dad's cheques and nothing else' when he didn't do well in an assignment.

    In picture: Karan Deol with grandfather Dharmendra.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    But, Karan found support at home. His mom was his only support through this phase. A talent competition hosted by his school was the turning point in Karan's life. "I spent night after night preparing a rap -- because that's the only thing I knew I was good at. On the day, I remember walking up on that stage, and there was a sea of people, with all eyes on me. But I took a deep breath and performed my heart out. All the years of being bullied, ridiculed, and of being identified as nothing but 'Sunny Deol's son', came out when I was up on that stage. The audience thoroughly enjoyed -- and roared along, too. I felt liberated as if I had finally broken free from the shackles. It took time, but that moment changed my life," he said.

    In picture: Sunny Deol's wife Pooja Deol with sons - Karan Deol and Rajvir Deol.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Talking about his grandfather Dharmendra and his advice to Karan, the newbie said, "My dada said that 'Always be like a sponge, keep on absorbing things. It is important to always learn and keep on growing as an actor. Because it is always important for an actor to be observant'. He also said 'An acting is always about reacting. You need to first listen to the other person's dialogues, feel it, and then react'. It's that simple and not to overcomplicate it."

    In picture: 'Dada' - Dharmendra gives a peck on his grandson Karan Deol's cheeks!

  • Karan Deol birthday

    More than anyone, Karan Deol was dreading his grandfather's reaction to his film Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas and his performance in it.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    While the Deol clan is renowned for their action avatars and dancing skills (or rather the lack of them), Karan Deol is confident about his dancing prowess.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Said Karan, in a candid interview with mid-day.com, "I would say I am a better dancer than dad. Not as good as my chacha (uncle). I am not that bad either, I can shake a leg if I have to, but I am not amazing. If you show me the step, I will learn it. But if you randomly tell me to dance, I can not."

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Unfortunately, Karan Deol's Bollywood debut Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas bombed at the Box Office. The actor said he would love to feature in action movies if offered to him, the USP of the Deol family. "I love action, so I would love to do a lot of action movies. But I would also love to do an animated voice over. I would love to do comedy and would also love to play a villain. Any script or character that excites me and touches my heart, I would love to do it. I feel for an actor, it is important to step out of your comfort zone because that is the only time you actually grow so," said Karan.

  • Karan Deol birthday

    Ever since there has been no further news about Karan Deol's future films. We hope things work out for him!

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