These images prove Iulia Vantur is a farm girl!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020, 07:18 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    Iulia Vantur, who has been living the farm life at Arpita Farms in Panvel, has been posting some fun pictures. Sharing this one, while ploughing rice, she wrote, "I spent many of my summer holidays at the country side as a child and I use to enjoy helping my grandparents working the land, planting seeds, taking care of the animals. It is very rewarding. I’ve never planted rice before so this was a new experience for me. About this experience I ll share more very soon on my youtube chanel. Subscribe to my youtube chanel fast #iuliavantur #ricefield #farmlife #love #nature #rice #green #work #grateful [sic]" All pictures/Iulia Vantur's Instagram account

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    Sharing a new trick to eat a mango, Iulia Vantur shared a video which read, "How to eat a mango!? When I was a kid I use to climb the trees and eat the fruits right there, on the spot. There is a certain joy of eating the fruits that way...juicy, natural, closer to the nature, to the essence. I still do it sometimes and I really enjoy it. What about u? #iuliavantur #howtoeatamango #mango #fruit #yellow #joy #eating #healthy #organic #love #natural #tasty [sic]"

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    It's not just farm life that has been keeping the actress busy these days! Iulia Vantur has been also shooting for a song sequence. She also posted a few videos on social media. This picture shared on Instagram read, "Another week, new lessons! Have a creative week ahead! #iuliavantur #monday #week #nature #love #lessons #life #beauty @realpz missing u so I m wearing your teams T-shirt [sic]"

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    While roaming and exploring the lands of Panvel, Iulia Vantur posed for a perfect Instagram picture. "I found this beautiful landscape. U please find a good caption for it... #iuliavantur #nature #green #trees #river #farmlife #love [sic]"

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    "The grass isn't always greener on the other side, it is greener where u water it #iuliavantur #grass #green #nature #love #life #goodvibes #hoodies [sic]" Rightly said, Iulia Vantur!

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    Iulia Vantur has been also making some friends while the globe is under the lockdown. "Learning to coexist with nature and its different species. The chameleons look dangerous, scary but they also might feel scared of us. They change their colors according to their feelings, moods, not necessarily because of the surroundings, as it is believed. If they feel threatened, scared or angry they will "show" a darker shade, if they feel safe and content they’ll turn bright green. (My favourite colour). Just like us... negativity or positivity... it shows on our face, body! Swipe left to see how this chameleon has changed its colors #chameleon #iuliavantur #nature #reptiles #green #share [sic]" 

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    Doesn't she look pretty all dolled up for the second half of the year? "Hello July! This is my month. Because I was born in July, my mom decided to give me this name “iulia” (July=iulie in Romanian). Iulia with an i (you-lia) So... this is my month and I’ll do what I want and I want... to do good! I challenge u to do good with me in July. Consider it a gift for me. Every day try to do something good for yourself or people around u: learn something new, help others, not necessarily financially. We all need a good word, a smile, a motivation. [sic]"

  • Iulia Vantur, Panvel, Arpita Farms

    While shooting for her song sequence, Iula Vantur wrote, "A smile for u, the sunset and a lush view #iuliavantur #lush #beauty #green #nature #mirror #smile #now [sic]"

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