Tisca Chopra is at her quirky best during the coronavirus lockdown!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020, 07:30 | Nikita Sawant
  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    If ever you find yourself bored out of your wits sitting at home with nothing to do during the extended lockdown, all you have to do is scroll through Tisca Chopra's Instagram posts. Sharing this cute photo, she wrote, "Yes, it was time to use skills to entertain the kids. I was Heidi yesterday over Zoom, with full German accent, Ja! Beeindruckt!?" (All pictures/Tisca Chopra's Instagram account)

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    The Taare Zameen Par actress also turned barber for her husband, Sanjay Chopra. Suffice it to say, she aced the challenge. Tisca captioned this photo, "If cinemas don't open anytime soon, am prepping for a #newcareer... my first 'client' was found at home, he is also part of essential services, so didn't charge for this time... #SanjayChopra." Tisca's husband is a pilot and very much a part of essential services!

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Tisca Chopra utilised her free time by sharing a fabulous throwback photo. "I found this one and thought why not bring it out - shot by the enormously talented @faroukhchotia and styled by my friend @rockystarofficial... Bling was the thing then," she wrote.

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Speaking of utilising her free time, Tisca relived her childhood days by playing with soap bubbles! Sharing this picture, Tisca wrote, "Art in the time of Corona... And before you jump on the #watercrisis wagon, we used only one mug of water for the #bubbles." Looks like Tisca's making washing hands fun during the coronavirus crisis!

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Life is a bed of... veggies? Well, certainly no roses to be seen here! Tisca Chopra was quite excited to have been surrounded by so many vegetables. She captioned this photo, "Our vegetable supply finally got in today and I have never been so excited to see peas.  #sabzisaresexy."

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    The Chutney actress also spent her time building castles with her daughter, Tara. Doesn't the mother-daughter duo look like they're having fun?

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    Tisca Chopra has turned into a cleanliness freak during the extended lockdown. Summing up her day with this picture, one of the things she wrote was, "I deep cleaned the house today... my question still is, how can I see dust when everyone else can't?"

  • Tisca Chopra, coronavirus, covid-19

    The many moods of Tisca! How adorable are all these pictures of the actress? "Something @shoojitsircar said on @twitter got me thinking... so this is for you Dada... Is this how we will act in the future? #ActingInTheTimeOfCorona A #craycray day... How can you be so busy in a #Lockdown, asks the spouse?"

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Taare Zameen Par actress Tisca Chopra sure deserves the award for 'Most Quirky Social Media Posts' during the extended lockdown. From turning barber for her husband to playing with soap bubbles, Tisca Chopra's pictures are a lot of fun; take a look!