'Travel addict' Ramona Arena loves to explore Switzerland, Canada and these countries

Updated: Jan 10, 2020, 14:19 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Ramona Arena

    TV presenter, yoga instructor, composer, writer, host and actor, Ramona Arena is a travel freak. She often travels and has different experiences in each one of her travels.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona Arena writes a blog, and amongst many things, she describes how she was a singer before she even started speaking. She writes that she has danced, acted, sang and not only performed but won many awards for numerous stage performances.

    In picture: This was taken in Peru. "There is such solace for my being in the desert. The vastness of nothingness, makes everything fall into place," she captioned the picture.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona was seen up in the air in Laguna De Llaca as she jumped at a picturesque location. "High... Just like my Spirit Animal," she says.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona Arena was seen posing beside a lake in Laguna De Llaca which had absolutely blue water. She uses the hashtag "passionpassport" along with the picture. 

  • Ramona Arena

    In the green of the earth, Ramona Arena was seen chilling in a t-shirt and pants in Amazon, Peru with her shades on.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona Arena's pictures prove that she is a nature lover. She was spotted at The Arboterum which is 127-acres of stunning gardens, natural landscapes, historic structures and learning spaces.

  • Ramona Arena

    Taken in London House, Chicago, Ramona Arena poses before a city landscape and says, "In real life, reel life and digital life. Filter your mouth, Filter your heart, Filter your mind."

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona Arena travelled to Eagle Falls Trailhead and she often writes beautiful poems as captions with her pictures. She says, "Don't even know if that word has a meaning,Compassion and love. Wake up! You fools be day dreamin."

  • Ramona Arena

    Traveller Ramon Arena believes in having a good life. She is passionate about yoga and loves to meditate and explore spirituality. This picture was taken in Oregon.

  • Ramona Arena

    In an interview with mid-day, Ramona Arena once said,"It would be a task to control my wandering mind as very often, I end up thinking too much and make life complicated for myself."

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona is a very enthusiastic, spontaneous traveller and a self-confessed travel addict. Ramona Arena has travelled to countries like Kenya, Montenegro, Canada, Tibet, China, Switzerland, England, Norway, Netherlands etc.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona's travel bucket list keeps increasing with every trip. Ramona was having "Deep conversations, pensive times.." in Bali.

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona posed in front of the Lempuyang temple in Bali and said, "I love visiting temples because of the peace, and vibrations they carry. This one, unfortunately, succumbed to the craze of Instagram and social media, like a lot of places in Bali."

  • Ramona Arena

    Ramona's first step professionally was hosting Karaoke Nights at Jazz By The Bay, in Mumbai. She was always very close to the theatre and love to host shows in front of a crowd.

  • Ramona Arena

    ith a hat on her head and shorts as part of her attire, Arena poses in Indonesia and says, "I am balanced, harmonious and peaceful in all areas of my life."

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Yoga teacher, wellness guru, actress, singer, television presenter, writer, poet Ramona Arena is a travel addict and these photos are proof. She has visited some of the most amazing places and never fails to keep her audiences engaged with her travel diaries.

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