Twinkle Khanna is tending to her broken leg and reading during lockdown

Updated: 22 April, 2020 07:06 IST | Nikita Sawant
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    Twinkle Khanna's hair and skin are positively glowing during the lockdown, don't you think? The actress-turned-author credits her genes for this. Sharing this picture, she wrote, "The red lipstick is to cheer me up and the great hair day is thanks to mama's genes and falling asleep with damp hair... In a world where salons are closed, this is the next best thing."

  • Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Twinkle, however, has broken her leg. It's still not known how Twinkle Khanna fractured her foot, but she was rushed to the hospital by hubby Akshay Kumar. Sharing a video taken in her car, Twinkle wrote, "Deserted roads all the way back from the hospital. Please don't be alarmed, I am not about to kick the bucket because I really can't kick anything at all! #sundayshenanigans"

  • Twinkle Khanna, COVID-19, Coronavirus

    Well, that's quite a view to have if you have a broken foot, are in pain, and can't step out. Twinkle's kids, Aarav and Nitara, even played tic-tac-toe on her cast! Twinkle captioned this post: "And taking advice from @karankapadiaofficial the kids have played Tic-Tac-Toe on my cast. Silver lining - Never been a better time to break a leg because where was I going to go anyway :) #TheUpsideOfLockDown"

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    An avid reader, Twinkle Khanna has a lot of books to keep her company during the extended lockdown. Seen in this photo are books by Alice Munro and F. Scott Fitzgerald. An excited Twinkle wrote, "Topping the list of nerdy things to do this Sunday - After listening to Bagchi's workshop on writing last night - I'm taking books by my favourite authors and breaking down their sentences."

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    What's better than to stay in bed and leisurely read a book with your loved one? "There is nothing better than lying down next to each other, engrossed in our own book, but still together..." wrote Twinkle Khanna about reading side by side with daughter Nitara.

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    The actress's pet seems confused by the lack of activity around the house! Twinkle Khanna shared a quote by John Steinbeck that reads, "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that dogs think humans are nuts."

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    Amid the lockdown, Twinkle Khanna has also been cultivating her green thumb. Explaining what she has grown, she wrote, "What you sow, you shall reap and I planted a love for gardening in the hearts of my children. This is my harvest - their help in digging, watering and this large bowl of Ceylon Palak."

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    Don't Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar look terrific as Simpsons characters? The actress has been quite excited about catching up on the hugely popular animated show The Simpsons during the lockdown, and we are too!

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Twinkle Khanna, known for her quick wit and humorous social media posts, has a broken leg and lots of books to keep her company during the coronavirus lockdown. Let's take a look at what she's been up to!

First Published: 22 April, 2020 07:02 IST