We can't stop admiring Mira Kapoor's wit during difficult days of lockdown

Updated: Apr 10, 2020, 07:44 | Pratiksha Mestry
  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    Mira Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's wife has been sharing some pretty pictures on Instagram along with quite witty lines as her captions. Look on the bright side. When the coronavirus news broke in the country, Mira posted a bright picture and captioned it, "Look on the bright side [sic]"

  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    In her later post, Mira Rajput shared a happy picture, where the star wife is seen sharing laughter with family. But her caption caught a lot of attention! It read, "It wasn't a sneeze [sic]" Didn't this crack you up too?

  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    The 21-day lockdown has taken a toll on the country, but many have been trying hard to stay positive and keep it cool during this self-quarantine period. Mira Kapoor too, just like others at home, took up baking. "Back to baking after many years! Marble Cake on its way #goodolclassic #lifeisbetterwithbutter [sic]"

  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    We all know it as the country is under lockdown, there are no pamper sessions and long parlour hours for us now! Mira Kapoor shared a closeup picture which highlighted her face. "So far the eyebrows are behaving [sic]" We totally second your thoughts, Mira!

  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    In one of the throwback pictures shared by this mommy had a little Mira sitting on a seahorse. Well, her caption did make sense to all the '90s kids out there. "Before unicorns and mermaids were the thing #trendy #blastfromthepast From @ishitasethii's archives [sic]"

  • Mira Kapoor, Coronavirus

    As being at home isn't easy, Mira Kapoor also found a new way to keep the kids entertained. During her fun math class, Mira and Shahid Kapoor's daughter Misha caught her mommy eating some of her sums up! "Missy caught me eating the math game. There are 43 pictures exactly like this. In case she was short of proof. #coolmomisnowregularmom [sic]"

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Mira Kapoor isn't much active on social media, but ever since the news about coronavirus outbreak has hit the web, the star wife can't stop but give her witty take on the current situation. We have pictures