World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

Updated: Nov 01, 2018, 19:29
  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Mallika Sherawat: Apart from being a popular heroine on-screen, Mallika Sherawat is also a real-life hero for all animals. Her impact was such that she was once crowned as PETA’s Hottest Vegan. Sherawat believes that the best part of being vegan is having an absolutely clear conscience.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Kuntal Joisher: This admirable celebrity made a significant mark on the world’s mountaineering history by becoming the first-ever vegan to have climbed Mount Everest from the south side. Fuelled by a desire to disprove the worldwide perception following the death of fellow vegan climber Maria Styrdomthat, that vegans do not have the required dietary requirements to undertake such an ambitious expedition, Mumbai-based Joisher made a significant point by successfully completing his 45-day mission. The famed vegan mountaineer consumed foods such as poha, puri bhaji, dal, rice, vegan breads and pav bhaji during his memorable journey.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Sonam Kapoor: This Bollywood diva has taken her love for animals a step further by adopting a completely meat and milk free diet. While she started off with a vegetarian diet, her lactose-intolerance pushed her towards veganism. She’s even found compassionate alternatives for regular dairy products such as soya milk coffee.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Aamir Khan: Bollywood’s favourite perfectionist decided to forego fish, eggs and all forms of meat after his wife, Kiran Rao showed him a video about 15 most common diseases that can be easily prevented by a change in diet. Inspired by the video, the superstar not only adopted an all green diet, but also gave up milk and milk products to become a total vegan.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Ayesha Takia Azmi: For Ayesha and her family it was a joint decision to shift to veganism. While the 31-year old had a tough time giving up her favourite morning drink, ‘masala chai’, she did find healthy, dairy-free alternatives such as cashewnut milk. In the end, the actress believes that the all-round benefits of a vegan diet outweigh the mild sacrifices she had to make. The actress even plans on opening a vegan restaurant in Mumbai.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Richa Chadda: This Punjabi-born actress decided to turn away from all non-vegetarian cuisine at the tender age of five. Her natural affinity for animals eventually led her to a completely vegan lifestyle. The actress strongly believes that the human anatomy is meant to digest a meat-free diet and that protein requirements are often hyped by professionals in the fitness industry.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Kangana Ranaut: The 'Queen' of Bollywood, was once a hard-core non-vegetarian. A decision to adopt a meat-free lifestyle complemented by a realisation that dairy does not agree with her led her to become a vegan. The actress has also expressed that becoming a vegan had made her very happy and brought a lot of difference to her life.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Ellen Degeneres: She's one of the world’s most loved comedians and TV personalities and she's long been outspoken about her vegan lifestyle. The TV host attributes her dietary choice towards her immense love for animals. In one of the comedian’s popular quotes promoting veganism DeGeneres says, “You ask people why they have deer heads on the wall. They always say, Because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother’s attractive, but I have photographs of her.” DeGeneres also runs a community outreach website for vegans called ‘Going Vegan with Ellen’. She often shares vegan recipes, both on her website, as well as on ‘The Ellen Show’, which she hosts.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Brad Pitt: This Hollywood heart-throb decided to become a vegan a long time ago, confessing that he’s an ardent animal rights activist. He has often urged fans to adopt more greens in their diet while spreading awareness on the damage caused to the environment by methane gases produced from cattle slaughter.

  • World Vegan Day: 10 celebrities who are vegan

    Miley Cyrus: This renowned pop star is a vegan through and through. Having taken to the lifestyle a long time back, she has often advocated the benefits of a meat and dairy free diet. The former Hannah Montana star once even posted the following viral quote on Instagram; 'I'd eat dirt before an animal.... I'm sure there is high nutritional values in eating the earth’s soil."

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