WrestleMania 36: Undertaker buries AJ Styles; The Fiend Bray Wyatt ends John Cena in funny fashion

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  • 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles faced The Undertaker in a first-ever Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36

  • The Undertaker immediately went on attack mode on AJ Styles in a brawl which went all around this countryside house. Taker slammed AJ Styles on a car before he pushed him into the grave

  • AJ Styles' O.C. partners Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came to the aide of Styles along with a group of men in hoods but Undertaker was too good for them and levelled the game with a shovel

  • AJ Styles came from behind and attacked The Undertaker before humiliating him with words. Styles then pushed the Undertaker into the grave and was almost going to bury him.

  • Undertaker surprised AJ Styles and showed up behind the truck before carrying him and hitting a Tombstone Piledriver atop the roof of the house. Undertaker then threw AJ Styles from the top of the roof.

  • The Undertaker then buried AJ Styles finally making him Rest in Peace as he vowed he would before riding off on his motorbike following his historic victory.

  • The opening match at WrestleMania 36 Day 1kickoff was between Cesaro and Drew Gulak which the former won

  • Asuka and Kairi Sane defended the Women's tag team titles against Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross showed their chemistry was better than that of Asuka and Kairi Sane. Nikki hit the Crossover on Sane after which Alexa Bliss hit Twisted Bliss to earn the victory and the tag team titles.

  • Elias finally managed to get the better of King Corbin at WrestleMania 36 by picking up a win in a singles bout.

  • Becky Lynch defended her Raw women's championship against probably her toughest opponent yet - Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36

  • Although Shayna Baszler put on her finest cage-fighting skills on the line, Becky Lynch managed to pull off some serious counter-attacks. Shayna Baszler also went on to repeat last week's Raw by carrying Becky Lynch and whamming her head onto the announcer's table.

  • When Shayna Baszler almost had Becky Lynch in a submission move, Becky Lynch rolled over and quickly pinned Baszler to retain her Raw women's title cementing her dominance.

  • Daniel Bryan faced off against Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental title but Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura at ringside proved the perfect distraction for Zayn to retain his title.

  • John Morrison defended the SmackDown tag team titles against Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso in a triple threat Ladder match.

  • This was unarguably one of the biggest highlights of WrestleMania 36 Day 1 as all 3 superstars put their bodies on the line with some high-flying acts that would defy gravity.

  • John Morrison, Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso would climb up the ladder and get a hold of the SD tag team titles. Kingston and Uso hit Morrison onto the ladder below but only to realise that Morrison held to the tag team titles while falling off, thus, retaining the titles.

  • The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins was looking to prove as to why he is a God at WrestleMania in his match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36. 

  • Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens put on yet another stellar show together showing the fans why they are such reputed superstars. Both went on to counter each other's signature moves. Seth Rollins went on to hit Owens with the Bell to get himself disqualified.

  • However, Kevin Owens wanted to end the match on his terms so he demanded a restart with it being No Disqualification. Kevin Owens would then go on the offence and after a death-defying leap off the WrestleMania 36 board onto the announcer's table onto Rollins, Owens hit the Stunner on Rollins to pick up the win.

  • Goldberg defended his WWE Universal title against Braun Strowman in the penultimate match on WrestleMania 36 Day 1

  • Goldberg would go on to quickly attack Braun Strowman with four Spears, but Strowman countered during the Jackhammer.

  • Braun then hit Goldberg with three slams to pin him and become the new Universal champion - his first-ever.

  • WrestleMania 36 Day 2 began with Liv Morgan pulling off a surprise win over veteran Natalya

  • Another big match was Rhea Ripley defending the NXT title for the first time ever against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. While Rhea Ripley had youth on her side, the Queen Charlotte Flair has experience on hers.

  • Charlotte Flair, who kicked out of Rhea Ripley's RipTide, put on the Figure Eight leglock to make Ripley tap out and win her second NXT women's title - history being made!

  • Aleister Black showed WWE why he is so perfect in singles matches as he added another victim to his list in the form of Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 36

  • Otis and Dolph Ziggler faced off in what could be called a revenge match after Ziggler stole away Otis' love Mandy Rose, whose partner Sonya Deville would be in Ziggler's corner.

  • Mandy Rose would become the deciding factor in the match when she suddenly showed up giving Otis the upper hand over Dolph Ziggler to pick up the win. After the match, Otis and Mandy Rose shared a romantic kiss.

  • The Street Profits successfully defended the Raw tag team titles against Angel Garza and Austin Theory. Bianca Belair was on the side of Street Profits as they celebrated

  • 'The Rated-R Superstar' Edge would finally make a comeback out of retirement and to the ring in a singles match after nine long years! Edge faced off against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match

  • Edge and Randy Orton, familiar with each other's moves, were able to counter during the gruesome match which went into the backstage area. Edge hit the elbow with Randy on the table. Edge and Orton went to hell and back in this physically demanding match that had them attack each other with anything they could find around.

  • During the closing stages, Edge and Randy Orton moved onto a tow truck and as Randy Orton had Edge down to hit the chair on him, the 'Ultimate Opportunist' put him in a triangle choke and then slammed his head with a chair before picking up a tearful and emotional win.

  • Bayley defended the SmackDown women's title against good friend Sasha Banks, Naomi, Lacey Evans and Tamina in a fatal-five-way match

  • First off to be eliminated was Tamina, thanks to a combined effort by Bayley, Banks, Evans and Naomi.

  • As Naomi was about to get the upper hand on Sasha Banks, Bayley helped 'the Boss' to counter into the Bank Statement to make Naomi tap out.

  • Sasha Banks would then be eliminated soon and surprisingly by Lacey Evans but only for Bayley to take charge

  • Sasha Banks provided the perfect distraction for Bayley to beat Lacey Evans and successfully defend her SmackDown women's title

  • John Cena faced 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Funhouse match at WrestleMania 36. The two previously fought at WrestleMania 31 where Cena won.

  • The match would first see John Cena in his first-ever WWE gear engaging in a verbal spat with Wyatt in the ring. Wyatt and John Cena then moved into a cage where Wyatt's mind games would up the ante against Cena

  • John Cena then went on to showcase his Doctor of Thuganomics talent by spitting fire with words at Bray Wyatt but even that would not intimidate the Eater of Worlds.

  • Bray Wyatt then playfully danced away with John Cena, akin to a match at WrestleMania 31 and also hand over a chair for Cena to attack Wyatt with. As Cena went to, Wyatt would once again disappear.

  • Finally, John Cena would try an NWO gimmick, albeit in a strange weird way, to get at Bray Wyatt.

  • The Fiend would finally appear from behind to surprise John Cena with the Mandible Claw and pick up the win in what could be called as one of the strangest matches at WrestleMania ever!

  • The 2020 men's Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE title. McIntyre went on to shockingly survive four F-5s from Lesnar.

  • Drew McIntyre then hit three Claymore kicks onto Brock Lesnar before pinning him in shocking fashion to become the new WWE champion.

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