WWE Raw highlights: Big Show makes shocking return, Brock Lesnar to enter Royal Rumble

Updated: Jan 08, 2020, 12:23 | Shawn.Dsouza
  • WWE, WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar

    WWE champion Brock Lesnar opened the first Raw of 2020 along with his advocate Paul Heyman with a huge announcement in store! Heyman went on to state that since Lesnar has no worthy opponent for the WWE title, he will enter the Royal Rumble as a participant...at number one! It will be interesting to see as to how Lesnar copes with this historic spot for a champion as well as his rivals who will try to make short work of him

  • WWE, WWE Raw

    The O.C., The Street Profits and the Viking Raiders battled it out in a triple threat tag team match for the Raw tag team titles.

  • WWE, WWE Raw

    The Vikings Raiders managed to show their opponents who is still boss in the tag team division as they retained their Raw tag team titles

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Becky Lynch

    WWE Raw women's champion Becky Lynch was confronted by Asuka, the one woman she hasn't beaten yet. Becky, nonetheless, knocked out Asuka with a punch before she could take any more of the latter's mocking. Becky will defend her title against Asuka at Royal Rumble

  • WWE, WWE Raw

    Eric Rowan's cage continued to carry on the mystery as after he defeated a local opponent, Rowan's cage had some red liquid that was all over the latter's face. Wonder what was it?

  • WWE, WWE Raw, AJ Styles

    AJ Styles not only made a mockery of Randy Orton by performing the latter's moves in his match against Akira Tozawa but also showed that he is quite intimidating if needed. Styles defeated Tozawa by hitting the RKO. Styles will face Orton on Raw next week

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Lana, Bobby Lashley

    Following last week's disaster, Lana and Bobby Lashley were quickly married off in not much of a ceremony. 

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Rusev

    However, Lana's ex-husband Rusev showed up on the titantron with a so-called gift for the couple (it was nothing but last week's embarrassing footage). An enraged Bobby Lashley then shut a talking Lana up and challenged Rusev to a match on Raw next week

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte Flair showed that it takes a lot more than a sneak attack by a returning Sarah Logan to put her down. Charlotte Flair brawled with Sarah Logan before taking her out with a big boot.

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre

    Drew McIntyre seems to be on a road to prove his worth to WWE as he defeated No Way Jose in dominating fashion in their singles match. What's in store for Drew at the Royal Rumble?

  • WWE, WWE Raw

    Aleister Black faced off against  Shelton Benjamin in what could be called a fabulous match and managed to pick up the win only to be attacked by his rival Buddy Murphy. Black and Murphy, who have faced each other numerous times, still have a score to settle.

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins, who had changed his entire persona and labelled himself as Monday Night Messiah, joined hands with AOP to face Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens

    Samoa Joe had a surprise for Kevin Owens and the WWE Universe as their mystery tag team partner was yet to be revealed...

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Big Show

    ... It was none other than the Big Show! The giant athlete made his return to WWE after a span of two years!

  • WWE, WWE Raw, Big Show, Seth Rollins

    Big Show showed that he is far from rusting as he knocked out Rollins with a KO punch. The match was won by Show, Owens and Joe by disqualification in the main event on Raw

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