Alexa Bliss: Lesser-known facts about the glamourous WWE star

Updated: 10 August, 2020 10:09 IST | Shawn.Dsouza
  • Alexa Bliss is a former WWE Raw Women's champion. Bliss has won three Raw Women's titles so far.

  • Alexa Bliss' full name is Alexa Kaufman. Since the age of 5, Alexa Bliss has been an active participant in sports such as kickboxing, gymnastics, softball and track and field

  • Alexa Bliss is also the first woman to win both WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown women's titles

  • In picture: Alexa Bliss with WWE Divas Nikki Bella and Natalya (r) on the sets of the TV show

  • Alexa Bliss is the first woman to win the WWE SmackDown Women's title twice

  • Alexa Bliss is billed at 5 feet 1 inch and hence has one of her nicknames as Five Feet of Fury

  • Alexa Bliss was trained by Mike Quackenbush as well as the WWE Performance Center

  • At age 15, Alexa Bliss suffered from an eating disorder which was life-threatening. She overcame it by bodybuilding

  • Alexa Bliss has achieved a Division I status in cheerleading

  • Alexa Bliss: Cause I got issues, But you got 'em too. So give 'em all to me And I'll give mine to you. Bask in the glory Of all our problems. 'Cause we got the kind of love. It takes to solve 'em 

  • Alexa Bliss became the first woman to cash in her Money In The Bank contract on the same night. She did so during the match of Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey. She successfully cashed in her contract to win the Raw Women's title

  • Alexa Bliss: Thank you @bfabulous1 for the hair and makeup for #Raw last night ! @wweglamsquad #makeup #hair #glam #YepThatsMyBra #TankTopOverGear #iWearLotsOfLayers

  • Alexa Bliss: #TBT to high school summer nights at my house ... & yes we’re best friends ... don’t let his disinterest fool you @jran1946

  • Alexa Bliss: Dear vacation, you were great. But time to get back to it .. READY for #WWEBacklash #TakingBackMyTitle #BulliesDontWin

  • Alexa Bliss at the WWE Hall of Fame event with her mother

  • Alexa Bliss shared this beautiful photo of hers on Valentine's Day

  • Alexa Bliss: According to Facebook time hop this was one of my first IG posts. haha pink streak in my hair & all

  • Alexa Bliss: Baby, I'm sorry I'm not sorry Being so bad got me feelin' so good... Feelin’ inspired ‘cause the tables have turned” #demilovato #sorrynotsorry. Hair and makeup by @lesliemakeupmaven

  • Alexa Bliss and her women's world tag-team champion partner Nikki Cross with their titles

  • Alexa Bliss: Good luck tonight to one of the most amazing and genuine ladies I know @thenikkibella !!! So happy for you & super excited to see you on dancing with the stars!! 

  • Alexa Bliss with WWE Divas Natalya (c) and Lana (r)

  • Alexa Bliss poses in a bikini during one of her vacations

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WWE former Raw and SmackDown Live's women's champion Alexa Bliss celebrated her birthday on August 10. As she turned 29, we take a look at her journey in WWE so far and take a sneak peek into some of her most gorgeous photos on social media. (All Pictures/ Alexa Bliss' Instagram)

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