WWE SummerSlam 2020: Roman Reigns returns to steal show in epic ending

Updated: 24 August, 2020 15:52 IST | Shawn.Dsouza
  • Bayley defended her SmackDown women's title against rival Asuka in the opening match of SummerSlam 2020. Asuka would also go on to challenge Bayley's closest friend Sasha Banks for the Raw women's title later on.

  • Asuka managed to dominate most of the match against Bayley. Even though Bayley attacked her knee on the apron targetting it and even locking a knee-bar, Asuka fought back.

  • Sasha Banks, Bayley's buddy, proved to be the difference maker in the match. Asuka went to launch a hip attack on Bayley but accidentally hit Sasha. This gave Bayley a chance to roll-up Asuka and pick up the win and retain her title.

  • Sasha Banks then went on to defend her Raw women's title against - yes, Asuka!

  • Sasha Banks would focus on Asuka's injured knee from the start of the match, which Bayley inflicted pain on earlier. Sasha would also execute a brilliant powerbomb on Asuka to the apron outside but Asuka did not give up and replied with a missile drop kick from the top rope.

  • Despite Sasha asking for Bayley's assistance, the SD women's champion moved out the way as Asuka launched a hip attack in a repeat of the same scenario earlier in the show. Asuka then managed to reverse Sasha's Bank Statement into an Asuka lock and got her to submit, thus becoming the new Raw women's champion.

  • 'The Monday Night Messiah' Seth Rollins faced Rey Mysterio's son Dominik in a Street Fight match which had a lot of history behind it over the past few months.

  • Rey Mysterio's son Dominik who has made appearances in WWE at ringside ever since 2007, would compete in his first-ever WWE ppv match.

  • Seth Rollins would show off his in-ring experience against a rookie Dominik. Rollins would then be at the receiving end of Kendo stick attacks and a frogsplash from Dominik. Rollins was event sent crashing through the table in the ring, but managed to kick out.

  • Seth Rollins taunted Rey Mysterio to intefere in the match as Murphy went on to attack Dominik and then handcuff Mysterio to the ropes. Dominik hit the 619 followed by another Frogsplash which was countered by Rollins, who then hit the Stomp and picked up the victory.

  • Drew McIntyre put his WWE title on the line in what would be one of his most challenging title-defence matches against 'The Viper' Randy Orton.

  • Randy Orton got to work right from the start of the match as he took on McIntyre by slamming him against the post, barricade, the announce table and anything else he could get his hands on. McIntyre would reply with a Figure-Four leglock ala Ric Flair as well as a Futureshock DDT.

  • Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre put on their best defence as well as both dodged their opponents signature moves. McIntyre would then put Orton in a surprise backflip to pick up a huge win and retain his WWE title.

  • Friends-turned-foes Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose would put an end to their long-lasting rivalry in a Loser Leaves WWE match.

  • Mandy Rose, the glamourous wrestler, would show off her more aggressive side in this match as she not only countered but also dominated by slaming Sonya into the ringpost and hitting her opponent with a brilliant suplex on the ramp. Sonya would counter attack with a kick and then attack Mandy with a Steel Chair. Mandy Rose then came back with bicycle knees, a facebuster and one more knee to pick up a huge win and send Sonya out of WWE.

  • The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) successfully defended their Raw tag team titles in their match against Angel Garza and Andrade after the latter was distracted following their manager Zelina Vega being injured at ringside.

  • Apollo Crews faced MVP with his United States Title on the line on the SummerSlam Kickoff. MVP's 'Hurt Business' associates Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin were banned from ringside during the match. Crews managed to counter MVP's Playmaker move into a powerbomb to score the win and defend his title.

  • 'The Monster' Braun Strowman defended the Universal title against 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt in a Falls Count Anywhere match in the main event at SummerSlam 2020. The match immediately went out of the ring with The Fiend delivering a Chokeslam to Strowman, who then replied with the same on the announcer table. Wyatt then hit a toolbox on Strowman.

  • As the match then moved towards the backstage area, The Fiend hit a Sister Abigail onto Braun Strowman. As Strowman then opened up the canvas on the ring mat with box cutter, The Fiend hit him with two Sister Abigails to pin him an become the new Universal champion.

  • However, 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt's celebration was short lived as Roman Reigns made a shocking return and delivered a Spear onto Wyatt before viciously attacking him. 

  • Roman Reigns then turned his attention to Braun Strowman before attacking him with a Spear and then with a steel chair.

  • Roman Reigns, who was absent ever since WrestleMania 36, once again attacked Bray Wyatt to then stand tall with the Universal title in his hands to show the WWE Universe that he is back in the title picture and close SummerSlam 2020 in an epic way.

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