Yami Gautam's quarantine time is all about cooking and throwback photos

Updated: Apr 23, 2020, 07:14 | Nandish
  • Yami Gautam's quarantine time is all about cooking

    Yami Gautam has been keeping herself busy, amid lockdown by doing household chores, working out among other things. Vicky Donor actress like any other responsible celebrity had shared a message to urge people to stay home as the lockdown started. She shared a video of the appeal and wrote, "Please stay home, avoid social gatherings , wash hands repeatedly, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands , educate your house helps , staff etc to do the same , esp on receiving a parcel etc , carry hand sanitiser if needed to go out ! WE CANNOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY ! Yesterday our honourable Prime Minister ji urged us to follow some protocols for our own safety , let’s please do the same ! That’s the least we can do as responsible citizens towards each other & our doctors who are working tirelessly #combatcovid19 [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam's quarantine time is all about cooking

    Yami Gautam's Instagram account is filled with posts about what she is up to during the lockdown. But one thing that she has taken a keen interest in is, cooking. The Vicky Donor actress has shared several posts of her kitchen experiments. She shared this photo of her making Idlis and wrote, "Tried my hands on cooking some steamed brown-rice Idli & freshly tempered coconut chutney #Stayhome #staysafe #dowhatyoulove [sic]." She even shared a photo of a 'Baked a flourless, gluten-free dark chocolate cake' that she made.

  • Yami Gautam's quarantine time is all about cooking

    Yami also made gluten-free bread after few attempts, she shared picture of the bread and wrote, "After 2 failed attempts , finally baked my first gluten-free bread ! The joy of baking your own bread is simple & I relish it ! P.S.. it's one of the hardest things to bake [sic]." Gautam also shared a picture of her trying the bread and wrote, "The taste of self-baked gluten-free bread [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam post workout during lockdown

    This beautiful selfie, Yami Gautam shared post her Yoga workout. She captioned it: "Post early- morning intense yoga face Its another day of challenges , another day of possibilities ! #filterfreemornings #stayhome #staysafe [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam share a picture of Himachal

    With lockdown in effect, Yami Gautam is missing her home town. She shared this scenic picture of Himachal clicked by her father and wrote, "Missing my Himachal #farmlife #whereheartbelongs #pleasestayhome #filterfree image by Papa dearest [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam's quarantine time is all about cooking

    Yami Gautam also cooked some recipes that are specially prepared in her hometown. The picture of the left is of Pahaari Dhaam, she wrote also side the photo, "This dish is special , for it origin ! It's a part of our 'Pahaari Dhaam' & is cooked on special occasions! The preparation for this style of 'chhole' is very different from the usual one ! The aroma & taste took me back to my roots, Himachal ! Missed my family around today but this picture & first time effort to cook it made my mom so happy ! Day made [sic]." The picture on the right is of 'pahadi rajma', which reminded Yami of her grandmother. She captioned the picture, "Cooked 'pahadi' rajma , thinking of my Naani , today ! Really miss being able to meet her , so made something which is one of her favourite dishes ! With my entire family quarantined at different locations, we can still be connected through thoughts & gestures [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam's throwback picture with sister Surilie

    Yami Gautam shared this adorable photo of her with sister Surilie to wish her on birthday. "Happy birthday to this cartons/ bundle/every possible synonym- of joy in my life,,,shall always fall short of words to describe what you mean to me,,,hence IL keep them in my heart & just say that I love you so much , my little Surilie ...wishing the best of things & countless blessings to the best sister...always watching over you, for life [sic]," Yami wrote along side the picture.

  • Yami Gautam's throwback picture with sister Surilie

    Yami Gautam also shared a few other throwback pictures of Surilie and her. This one has, young Surilie 'guarding' her sister. Yami captioned it: "Guarding me since forever Happy Birthday my little one [sic]."

  • Yami Gautam and sister Surilie Gautam

    Yami also shared a series of photos of the Gautam sisters from a photoshoot for a magazine. This one she captioned: "This shot was the only hard part of this shoot .. somehow @rohanshrestha managed to get our straight-face mode on [sic]."

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