9 killed as 'Vampire' mania spreads in Malawi

Updated: 23 October, 2017 15:56 IST

At least nine people have been killed after a vampire scare triggered mob violence in Malawi. Relative of one of the victims informed her grand-daughter was with her son who was carrying a bag on his back. It had numerous pockets and among the items he was carrying was an inflatable mattress. When the angry villagers saw that and the special drinking bottle he was holding they thought he was a blood sucker, a vampire and they started beating him and killed them both. The attacks spread to Malawi's second biggest city Blantyre on October 18. While one person was torched, another was stoned to death The residents are now living in fear of the violence. Police on Friday informed that as many as 140 suspected members of vigilante mobs have been arrested. Authorities also blame a criminal gang seeking to terrorise residents.

First Published: 21 October, 2017 10:16 IST