Bollywood actors who got hotter with age

Updated: 05 June, 2018 10:46 IST

In the glamour industry of Bollywood, many actors lose their stardom as they grow older. In an industry where actors not only need to act well but also look desirable, actors struggle to maintain their youthful visage and vitality. As they age, it becomes harder to maintain a good physique and keep the stardom intact. However, a few Bollywood actors reversed the ageing process and broke the stereotypes. These actors have not only maintained their charisma and fan following but when it comes to looks, they have only got hotter and more popular with time. In fact they are so fit and fabulous, that they can give tough competition to the young guns of the Bollywood industry. Watch the video to know more about actors who got hotter with time.

First Published: 01 June, 2018 09:40 IST