Enjoy Mumbai rains with these top chai-pakora destinations in the city

Jun 18, 2018, 10:00 IST

Monsoons are here and so are monsoon cravings. We all rely on hot, spicy and lip-smacking snacks to tackle our monsoon woes. While there is an array of such food options, nothing comforts the dampened soul better than a cup of hot chai and plate of pakoras. In fact, this chai-pakoras and monsoons share an inexplicable romance. Sipping into the hot cup of chai along with biting into crunchy pakoras in the rain-drenched surroundings is a moment to be cherished. Going with the monsoon spirit, here are top 'chai-pakora' destinations in Mumbai which will not only take care of your monsoon cravings but give you a high tea experience like no other.


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