Gandeva, Navsari's first 'smokeless' village

Updated: 11 September, 2017 20:17 IST

50 kms away from Surat, Gandeva village in Navsari district has become the foremost ‘smokeless’ village of Gujarat. Till August this year, Gandeva’s tribal people were using crop residue, firewood and cow-dung cakes, as fuel for cooking. But, now this traditional stove has been replaced by a modern gas stoves and cylinders. According to reports, the village has a population of 7,000 consisting of all tribal people. There are more than 2,200 houses in this village, out of which 368 houses were using a stove to cook food, but today whole of the village is using stoves, becoming the first smokeless village of Navsari. This village has been adopted by Navsari’s Member of Parliament C.R Patil. Earlier, Vyachakurahalli village in Karnataka was declared the country’s first “smokeless village”.

First Published: 08 September, 2017 22:13 IST