Mumbai: Brave RPF constable saves woman, minors after fall from train at Dadar

Updated: Jun 25, 2018, 11:21 IST

It was a lucky day for a female train passenger Gayatri Satankar, her 15-year-old sister and another 15-year-old passenger at Dadar station. The trio was saved from being sucked under the train, thanks to alert RPF personnel. The incident occurred on 19 June at 7.30pm, when RPF Dadar Constable Babusha Ingole was doing the rounds at Dadar station platform number 4 along with MSF Rahul Jadhav. When the 7.10 pm fast Karjat local started to move from the station, Gayatri Satankar, lost her grip and fell from the ladies compartment of the train. RPF constable Ingole showed his presence of mind by pulling her away and saved her from being dragged under the train. On seeing the commotion, two other passengers panicked and jumped off the train but were pulled to safety by woman officer Vinita Shukla and constable Kiran Joy.