Raipur man claims to predict correct blood groups with coconut

Updated: 11 October, 2017 22:00 IST

A Raipur-based man claims to have ascertained blood group of hundreds of people with the help of a coconut. An employee of the state agriculture department, B. D. Guha, said he found out the blood group of several people by holding the coconut in his hand just over the person’s head. It was later verified in laboratory tests as well. Guha said his prediction goes awry if there was water beneath the surface, where the person concerned was standing. His customers appreciate the method calling it time saving. However, pathologist Darshan Jain rejected the method, saying it is unscientific and risky for the both the donor and the recipient of the blood. Guha started working on this technique in 2005 and claims to be capable of depicting five types of blood groups depending upon the movement of the coconut in particular directions

First Published: 11 October, 2017 19:34 IST