'State Bank of Tomato' opens amid rising prices of vegetable in Lucknow

Updated: 03 August, 2017 21:37 IST

Amid the rapid growth in the prices of tomato, the Congress party in Lucknow on Wednesday opened a tomato bank to help the common masses. Rising prices of tomatoes have been burning a hole in the pocket of many consumers across the country and forcing changes in lifestyle for majority of middle and low-income group Indians. The ‘State Bank of Tomato’ was opened as part of a protest launched against the Central Government over the hike in prices of tomatoes. A long queue of customers was seen holding baskets of tomatoes outside the bank. Many people have come to deposit their tomatoes in the bank due to the fear of tomatoes getting stolen from their houses.

First Published: 03 August, 2017 21:17 IST