5 unique litchi drinks recipes

Nascimento Pinto

By Nascimento Pinto
Published Jul 16, 2023

Foo Queen at Foo

Mix 30 ml Absolut vodka, 20 ml Pandan tequila, 30 ml Litchi puree, 15 ml Homemade Jasmine tea syrup, 15 ml Lime juice, 5 dashes Rose water, 60 ml soda and serve

Nascimento Pinto

Lychee & Blue Pea G&T at 145 Cafe & Bar

Mix 60 ml Gin, 10 ml Monin lychee syrup, 45 ml Lychee juice, 15 ml Blue pea water. Shake and add 60 ml Tonic water at the end

Nascimento Pinto

Kaneshon Fizz at Dome

Add 60 ml Sparkling wine, 20 ml Fresh lychee cordial, 30 ml Gin, 10 ml Elderflower liqueur. Add ice, shake, strain and add top with 5 ml Blue pea flower water

Nascimento Pinto


Enjoy Pina Colada with a twist in Mumbai

Inside the making of Bonbon chocolate

Osaka Martini at Comorin

Add 50 ml Gin, 40 ml Fresh lychee juice, 30 ml Fresh green apple juice, 15 ml Citrus, 3-4 dashes Rose water. Shake well and pour in a martini glass

Nascimento Pinto

Stairway to Heaven at Drunken Teddy

Add 60 ml Vodka, 15 ml blue curacao , 15 ml litchi crush, 15 ml lime juice in a shaker; mix, pour on the rocks. Then add 90 ml fresh litchi juice and serve

Nascimento Pinto

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