5 ways to rekindle lost romance

Aakanksha Ahire

By Aakanksha Ahire
Published Jul 24, 2023

Romantic text

Send your partner a text message/email telling them how much you appreciate them and their hard work

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Listen to everything they share

Make time to actively listen to each other and show interest in each other`s lives. Improve communication. This will make the partner feel heard and valued

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Buy a gift

Bring your partner a small gift that reminds them of you, such as a book or a piece of jewellery or something they have been wanting to buy for a long time

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Share the load

Take care of something that your partner has been dreading to do, such as making a difficult phone call or getting some work done

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Prioritise physical intimacy

Make sure to prioritise physical intimacy, such as sex and cuddling, even when life gets busy

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