`99.02 pc water stock in Mumbai lakes`

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By Anagha Sawant
Published Sep 28, 2023

Collective lake levels in the seven reservoirs that supply drinking water to the city is now 99.02 per cent

The collective water stock in the reservoirs that supply drinking water to Mumbai is now at 14,33,141 million litre of water

Mumbai draws water from Tulsi, Tansa, Vihar, Bhatsa, Modak Sagar, Upper Vaitarna, and Middle Vaitarna


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In Middle Vaitarna 97.51 pc, Upper Vaitarna 99.36 pc, Bhatsa 99.04 pc, Vihar 100 pc and Tulsi 100 pc of useful water level is available

As per BMC data, the water level in Tansa is at 99.26 per cent. At Modak-Sagar, 99.99 per cent of water stock is available

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