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Sunday Mid-Day
By Nascimento Pinto
Published Jul 24, 2023

Something smells fishy

Home chef Veera Almeida is using her Instagram Reels to spread some fishy cheer by showing you how to clean modka (white bait fish) in under 10 minutes and more

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All about fish

With the availability of fish low during the monsoon, it’s a good time to browse through her handle @jevayla_ye on Instagram and brush up your culinary skills

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Flowers for your ears

Botanical jewellery artist Ashima Pradhan uses real flowers such as daisies and more to make translucent resin moulds for pieces on colorsbling_by_ashima

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5 things to do in Mumbai this week

5 things to check out this week

Stickers and scrapbooks

If you’re looking for inspiration to kickstart a Pinterest-worthy scrapbook, Kioku Creations’ stickers, washi samplers, and stamp labels are just what you need

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Dog Days

Sanjay Jha’s new novel, My Illegitimate Son is unconventional, heart-rending, and deeply wholesome with narrator, Louis, a miniature dachshund

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IND vs WI 2nd Test: Key stats from Day 4

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