Misconceptions about Down Syndrome

Nascimento Pinto

By Nascimento Pinto
Published May 22, 2023

Always happy

While people with Down`s Syndrome can be joyful and sociable, they experience the same range of emotions as anyone else

Nascimento Pinto

All the same

Each person with Down Syndrome is unique and have their own personality, likes and dislikes

Nascimento Pinto

Can`t learn or go to school

Those with Down Syndrome can learn and benefit from education, just like anyone else and can succeed with some help

Nascimento Pinto


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Are a burden on their families

People with Down Syndrome can bring immense joy and love to their families, just like any other family member

Nascimento Pinto

Are always sick

While they can have certain health conditions such as heart defects or vision problems, they can lead healthy lives

Nascimento Pinto

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