Street shopping at Colaba Causeway

Mid-day online correspondent

By Mid-day online correspondent
Published Jul 21, 2023

Don`t forget to bargain

Don`t hesitate to negotiate with the vendors to get a better deal, but remember to do it with a smile and in a friendly manner

Vivid shopping experience

Remember, the shopping experience at Colaba Causeway involves exploring through a bustling and lively atmosphere. Enjoy the process of discovering unique items

Trendy items on sale

Explore trendy fashion jewelleries including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, often reflecting Indian and bohemian styles


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Detour to explore more

After shopping, take some time to explore the nearby attractions, such as the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, and the art district of Kala Ghoda

All in one

You`ll find everything from traditional Indian wear to modern fashion, and from trinkets to vintage items

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