'I don't know what is on her mind...'

Dear Diana,
I have a peculiar problem. When my girlfriend is good, she is extremely good, but when she is bad, she is really bad. She sometimes tells me that she loves me. Then, at times, she thinks we need time off each other. To add to this, she tells me I should find someone else. I just cannot understand what is going on in her mind. At times, she makes me feel on top of the world and, at times, she makes me feel terrible. I am fed up of her. When I met her two years ago, she was this nice, sweet girl. However since the past six months, she has changed a lot. One day she wants to leave me and the next day, she is planning a future with me. I have been seething in anger. I feel I should tell her to get lost. I have told her that if things do not change in the next three months, I will have to take a decision. I'm also worried that I do not want to take a hasty decision. What should I do?
— Vaibhav

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Vaibhav,
First of all, why are you taking all this nonsense from her? It is time you put your foot down and told her to make up her mind. Your girl is of a wavering mind — the reason she cannot decide what is right or wrong. Sometimes, she feels, it is all good and, at other times, she thinks it is all going haywire. Sit down with her and have a frank confession. Tell her exactly how you feel. Also, ask her what is making her feel this way. You say earlier she was not like this, so something is amiss — the reason she is behaving like this. You also need to make up your mind. You cannot say that you do not want to take a hasty decision. You have been tolerating a lot all this while, so it is time you take a stand. At the rate things are going, I think you need to go your way if she does not show any signs of improvement. It is time she stopped her obnoxious behaviour.

Diana will solve it!
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  • Krishan Wadhwa20-Jan-2016

    Either She is majorly Stressed Out due to some Personal Reason OR She must have found a New Guy and is unsure with whom to be with from you both so she is buying some time for herself OR She is probably playing with you so that you yourself get out of her life thus saving her and urself from emotinal trauma for the rest of life.. IF ITS FIRST REASON HELP HER OUT... IF ITS OTHER TWO THAN MOVE ON ASAP. Also see if somewhere u r to be blamed for this changed behavior ??

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