Security guards assault U-19 cricketer after fight

In a bizarre incident, a couple of security guards deployed to protect the residents of Royal Classique building,located in Andheri's Amboli area, bashed up a 16-year old resident of the building. They accused him  of  bringing the autorickshaw he was travelling in inside the building via the exit point.

Manan Hasmukh Khakkar (16), an HSC student of Rizvi College and a part of Mumbai's U-19 team, came home at around 5 pm on Sunday evening with his brother Prithvi and their friend Rohit Gupta. However, the trio landed into a heated argument with the security guards, who said the boys had entered through the exit point, which is prohibited. Seeing that the situation was heating up, Manan paid the rickshaw driver and the brothers headed home after seeing off Rohit.

However, this was not the end of the issue. A little later, two other guards in plain clothes reached Manan's residence on the sixth floor and continued the argument. The guards in question, Santosh Suman and Neeraj Singh, who were allegedly drunk, punched Manan.

With things spiralling out of control, Manan finally called his uncle Rajesh Khakkar, who took the boys to Amboli police station to register a complaint against the guards. "We approached the police for help along with one of the senior guards, Angad Singh. However, we were in for a rude shock as the police officials started favouring the guards. Moreover, the cops didn't even register a proper complaint," said the victims's uncle, Rajesh.

While on their way to police station, Manan learnt that the guards had detained Rohit for over an hour. It was only after Manan informed them that they were off to police station to register a compliant, was Rohit released.
"I told them that the rickshaw driver misunderstood the directions and entered via the exit point, but they refused to hear my side of the story," said Manan.

"We have registered an NC against the guards and have fined them," said Pandurang Pithe, sub-inspector, Amboli police station.

The other side
"I am aware of the incident that there were some heated arguments between them. The police have registered complaint against two of our guards," said Angad Singh, a senior security guard of Agile Security Force.

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