Take-off of flights aborted at Mumbai airport after suspected security breach

A serious isssue was noticed on Saturday evebing when a flight aborted to take off.

At around 6pm on Saturday evening five small parachutes (pictured) were observed approaching from southwest direction of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. These appeared to be moving towards north east.

Parachutes approaching Mumbai airport

According to airport officials the Jet Airways flight 9W 323 (Mumbai- Ahmedabad) that departs at 5.45pm and reaches its destination at 6.55pm held it's position after being told to do so. Simultaneously another Jet Airways flight 9W 326 (Mumbai- Hyderabad) was asked to Go Around for the time being.

One of the airport officials said, "These five parachutes were crossing from the Kalina side, the pilot of the flights at that time were alerted by the Air Traffic Control."

A police complaint too was registered the matter by the MIAL, sources said.

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