Mumbai: In an indication of Gandhian thoughts continuing to inspire prisoners, 92 inmates of the Taloja Central Jail near Mumbai appeared for the Gandhi Peace Exam.

TRK Somaiya of the Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal which conducted the exam, said the exercise was carried out "to evoke a sense of regret for the wrong deeds in the minds of jail inmates and to reform and help them be a responsible citizen of society."

Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal and Saksham conducted the exam. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti today, prizes and certificates were distributed to the inmates who appeared for Gandhi Peace Exam, he said. Most of the inmates passed the exam, he added.

The topper got 76 marks out of 80 and a Nigerian inmate got 65 marks. Jail Superintendent, Taloja Central Jail presided over the function.

Gandhi's autobiography `My Experiments with Truth and other books written by Mahatma Gandhi and on his thoughts are made available to the inmates free of charge, Somaiya said.

Laxman Gole of Sarvodaya Mandal and Salve Guruji and Gholap Guruji of Taloja Jail conducted the exam. Laxman Gole, had confessed his crimes before a judge after reading Gandhi autobiography and now visits jails and inspires prisoners to follow Gandhi's teachings, he said.

Prisoners also gave a written feedback on how the Gandhi Exam benefitted them. One of the inmates said, After reading Gandhi autobiography, I have decided that I will never choose the path of violence at any circumstances."

Another prisoner decided that he will never steal and quarrel with anyone. An inmate said the exam gives a positive approach to lead life.

A prisoner said this exam made him realise about his capacities and he will follow Gandhi's path of truth and non violence now onwards.