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  • 'Hawaizaada' - Movie review

    'Hawaizaada' - Movie review

    While the film had the potential of being moving and patriotic, the executive wasn't as believable as director Vibhu Puri's imagination and conviction. This painfully long film is nothing to write home about -- be it performances or the unnecessary songs

  • 'Foxcatcher' - Movie review

    'Foxcatcher' - Movie review

    'Foxcatcher', albeit a well-made movie, is not nearly as sensational as it is trying to be. The psychological drama thriller elements aside, it's a movie that feels like ticking off a checklist of things that happened prior to a dramatic event

  • 'Khamoshiyan' - Movie review

    'Khamoshiyan' - Movie review

    In case you are looking for laughter punctuated by sudden horror, lovely dialogues and illogical scenes, you should watch 'Khamoshiyan'. If not, maintain silence as well as distance

  • 'Rahasya' - Movie review

    'Rahasya' - Movie review

    'Rahasya' was touted as a film based on the infamous Noida double murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj, the Talwars' domestic help. But the film takes on its own character, which is fortunately slick and wickedly delightful, fitting into the old fashioned whodunnit format

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