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  • 'Banjo' - Movie Review

    'Banjo' - Movie Review

    'Banjo' packs in so many clichés, and so much melodrama, from the time-tested rule-book, that even if you didn't bother watching the film, you'd know what happens. Yeah, you've been there, seen that; why watch this same kinda picture again? Mayank Shekhar doesn't know

  • 'The Magnificent Seven' - Movie Review

    'The Magnificent Seven' - Movie Review

    Akira Kurosawa's celebrated and much revered classic 'Seven Samurai' gets yet another retread but this time the closest inspiration is the 1960 John Sturges directed Western 'The Magnificent Seven'. This is, in every sense, cinematic leftovers: A mushy, reheated version of something that worked a lot better when it was fresh

  • 'Bridget Jones's Baby' - Movie Review

    'Bridget Jones's Baby' - Movie Review

    Renee Zellweger's 'Bridget Jones's Baby' has enough smarts, toungue-in-cheek wit and reminiscent charm to keep the audience tittering in their seats. This film may not be as fresh and robustly energising as the first salvo but it's certainly better than the previous one

  • 'Storks' - Movie Review

    'Storks' - Movie Review

    'Storks' a strangely emotive world that balances fantasy with reality with animation technique that is quite kid friendly in its assay. This may not be wholesome entertainment at it's best but it's certainly cute enough to keep the little ones charmed

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