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  • 'Gabbar Is Back' - Movie Review

    'Gabbar Is Back' - Movie Review

    In this remake of masala south film, 'Ramanna', directed by Krish, the only saving grace is Akshay Kumar, who not only looks dishy with a beard, but does try giving a convincing performance in this not at all convincing film 'Gabbar Is Back'

  • 'While We're Young' - Movie Review

    'While We're Young' - Movie Review

    'While We're Young', the new film starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts confirms one thing – director Noah Baumbach is hands down, the best storyteller of people on the cusp of the late twenties and early thirties

  • 'Sabki Bajegi Band' - Movie Review

    'Sabki Bajegi Band' - Movie Review

    This is a funny film, alright. It claims to be India's first reality film and shows you a disclaimer saying that any resemblance to real characters is co-incidental

  • 'Jai Ho Democracy' - Movie Review

    'Jai Ho Democracy' - Movie Review

    As is the case with most attempts at satire in Bollywood, 'Jai Ho Democracy' also ended up being more slapstick than sarcastic

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