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  • Movie Review: 'Roar: Tigers Of The Sunderbans'

    Movie Review: 'Roar: Tigers Of The Sunderbans'

    Almost every second thing that is being said or done in this film reeks of senselessness

  • Movie review: 'Fury'

    Movie review: 'Fury'

    David Ayer's Brad Pitt starrer 'Fury' commands a ton of reasons to watch it at your nearest theater. I am listing the 10 best reasons:

  • Movie Review: 'Gone Girl'

    Movie Review: 'Gone Girl'

    The film 'Gone Girl' plays out like a whodunit — something that David Fincher has always been a master of, and once again delivers with a ton of panache

  • Movie review: 'Super Nani'

    Movie review: 'Super Nani'

    If you love Rekha, please watch her older films instead of 'Super Nani' and choose to ignore this one as a terrible mistake