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  • 'Mr. X' - Movie review

    'Mr. X' - Movie review

    In his endeavour to create an invisible man, Vikram Bhatt appears to have overlooked the storyline. Wish he had paid attention to other details as well

  • 'The Water Diviner' - Movie review

    'The Water Diviner' - Movie review

    With 'The Water Diviner', Russell Crowe takes on directorial duties, and the results are hit and miss. Crowe's first attempt at direction mostly generates fake mawkishness rather than genuine emotion

  • 'Court' - Movie review

    'Court' - Movie review

    In an industry full of romanticised, caricatured versions of courtrooms, where the prosecution lawyers, defence lawyers and 'milords' (judges) compete to be more dramatic than the rest, 'Court', comes across as a sweet whiff of fair justice

  • 'Ek Paheli Leela' - Movie Review

    'Ek Paheli Leela' - Movie Review

    This is a movie so bad that one is truly curious to understand the 'creative process' that went into bringing it alive. It's a semi-porn rubbish masquerading as an intense romantic story

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