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  • 'Happy Bhag Jayegi' - Movie Review

    'Happy Bhag Jayegi' - Movie Review

    'Happy Bhag Jayegi' is the sort of desperate comedy that takes the 'everybody running around each other' type of humour a bit too far. this wacky flick with some very tacky direction is just about okay. But, perhaps, just okay is not so okay

  • 'UnIndian' - Movie Review

    'UnIndian' - Movie Review

    Cricketer Brett Lee, in his debut acting role, does a decent job playing Will, the easy-going cricket and netball-loving teacher. 'UnIndian' is not meant to be serious stuff. It's a harmless, reasonably enjoyable outing if you're not expecting too much from it!

  • 'Ben Hur' - Movie Review

    'Ben Hur' - Movie Review

    There have been adaptations of Charlton Heston-starrer 'Ben Hur' before and after but none have really matched up. Timur Bekmambetov tries hard to match up to the majesty of Wyler's effort and comes quite close given the advantages of modern technology, but despite the epical outlay, this one's a hollow affront

  • 'War Dogs' - Movie Review

    'War Dogs' - Movie Review

    Todd Phillips' directed 'War Dogs' tries to bite off more than it can chew. Scripted as a satire but working out in bits and pieces sharp and funny, this film doesn't have much of a clear cut vision about what it's all about. Also the designated humor doesn't quite suit the context

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