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  • Movie review: 'Singham Returns'

    Movie review: 'Singham Returns'

    The absence of a plausible plot is made up with the adrenalin-pumping, fighting against gravity, whistle worthy action sequences. Watch it if you are an Ajay Devgn fan

  • Movie Review: 'Entertainment'

    Movie Review: 'Entertainment'

    Akshay Kumar's 'Entertainment' pleasantly surprises with its delightful absurdity and sure gets you roaring with laughter at several points. All in all, a fun experience. So don't paw-nder for too long, just watch this one

  • Movie Review: 'Lucy'

    Movie Review: 'Lucy'

    Over the past few years, director Luc Besson has proved only one thing that he literally does not give a tinker’s cuss about anyone who watches his films

  • Movie Review: '22 Jump Street'

    Movie Review: '22 Jump Street'

    22 Jump Street was originally going to release in India in September. But now that it’s released in Indian theatres already, I’ll give you ten reasons to go see it at the earliest