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  • 'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    This Stacy Title directed cinematic adaptation by Jonathan Penner of Robert Damon Schneck’s horror pulp fiction titled “The Bridge to Body Island” is nothing but a repetitive saga of gore fashioned on the premise that people are susceptible to repetitive forebodings of a sinister nature

  • 'The Founder' - Movie Review

    'The Founder' - Movie Review

    A biopic that hopes to give the audience a deep insight into the life-and-times of the McDonald's founder has gotten most of its facts right but unfortunately it prefers to be conciliatory rather than aggressive in its approach to charting this unauthorized cinematic biography

  • 'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    The director sets the narrative in the form of a thriller taking us all the way to a down-to-the-wire moment and it works. Notwithstanding that minor hiccup over language preferences, this documentary on Satnam Singh Bhamara is fulsomely appealing and is sure to hold you in thrall!

  • 'The Crew' - Movie Review

    'The Crew' - Movie Review

    For those brought up on the Airplane/Airport disaster movie subgenre, this extravagant non-stop thrill-a-minute adventure (from Russia, surprisingly) will come as a welcome addition to the grouping that once caught the fancy of every disaster flick aficionado

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