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  • 'Sanam Re' - Movie Review

    'Sanam Re' - Movie Review

    The scenes featuring Rishi Kapoor and the child actor are endearing and the soulful music is a major plus point. While 'Sanam Re' is not a classic by any standards, this emotional drama might catch the fancy of college-goers in search of mush this Valentine weekend

  • 'Deadpool' - Movie Review

    'Deadpool' - Movie Review

    'Deadpool', amongst Marvel comics' most unconventional suited anti-hero adventures, is mouthy, springy, energetic and full of beans. The Ryan Reynolds starrer is as much a unique and blissful laugh-riot as it is an action-propelled spectacle. Don't be late getting in or you'll miss the most fun you've ever had in the movies

  • 'How to Be Single' - Movie Review

    'How to Be Single' - Movie Review

    It's a kind of 'Sex and the City' re-run with a younger demographic in mind. The amorous misadventures of young New Yorkers looking for love in all the wrong places, is a little hard to stomach, especially since it comes after so many generic staples that have obsessively stomped over the same boring route

  • 'Trumbo' - Movie Review

    'Trumbo' - Movie Review

    By and large 'Trumbo' is faithful to it's subject and keeps you engrossed and involved in it's drama. Bryan Cranston lends genuinely to his role while all the other performers support the cause of believability quite effortlessly

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