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  • 'Underworld Blood Wars' - Movie Review

    'Underworld Blood Wars' - Movie Review

    The 'Underworld' series has seen quite a few resurrections and this, the fifth, is no different. During the 13 years since its creation in 2003, the 'Underworld' franchise has no doubt, had fiercely loyal fans

  • 'Moana' - Movie Review

    'Moana' - Movie Review

    'Moana' is traditional Disney, yet has a much more vaunted ambition of imparting life lessons -by going back in time, mining from the ancient folklore of Polynesian culture and myth, never seen before in mainstream Hollywood cinema

  • 'Kahaani 2' - Movie Review

    'Kahaani 2' - Movie Review

    Vidya Balan shines in 'Kahaani 2', a thriller set in a sleepy town called Chandannagar, off Kolkata -- effectively capturing the Bong milieu; art-directed, and shot like a slightly dystopian dream

  • 'Moh Maya Money' - Movie Review

    'Moh Maya Money' - Movie Review

    The no-frills approach in 'Moh Maya Money' makes it less enlivening. And it's ironic that a film that is trying so hard to be different actually ends up making the same mistakes that the Bollywood masala brigade has enshrined. It's a pity that neither the moh, maya or the money alluded to, is likely make you feel welcome for long

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