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  • 'Southpaw' - Movie Review

    'Southpaw' - Movie Review

    If there's anything that 'Southpaw' proves, it is that Jake Gyllenhaal has got to be the single greatest actor working in this industry

  • 'Pixels' - Movie Review

    'Pixels' - Movie Review

    Adam Sandler's latest movie 'Pixels' is yet again a horrible experience, and this time it is more frustrating because the concept of the movie is quite amazing

  • 'The Vatican Tapes' - Movie Review

    'The Vatican Tapes' - Movie Review

    'The Vatican Tapes', yet another demonic possession exorcism horror movie, probably the billionth movie of this sort of have come from Hollywood

  • 'Drishyam' - Movie Review

    'Drishyam' - Movie Review

    'Drishyam' reiterates the fact that when you have a gripping story, other things kind of fall in place. Watch this film for Ajay Devgn and Tabu's performances and of course, that one-in-a-million story

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