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  • Movie review: 'Kill Dil'

    Movie review: 'Kill Dil'

    Here's a ghisa pita story so predictable that you could sleep through the middle of it and still not miss a point. But then at places, some scenes have been handled in a delightfully novel manner that you rub your sleepy eyes in disbelief

  • Movie review: 'Garm Hava'

    Movie review: 'Garm Hava'

    A well narrated story transcends time. Forty years after its original release, 'Garm Hava' still manages to evoke emotions that it might have stirred in the hearts of those who were torn between India and Pakistan soon after partition

  • Movie review: '6-5=2'

    Movie review: '6-5=2'

    Fifteen long years after 'The Blair Witch Project', Bollywood's fascination with the much used and abused found footage format continues

  • Movie review: 'John Wick'

    Movie review: 'John Wick'

    'John Wick' is exactly the kind of action film we needed at the moment. It's thrilling, visceral and non stop fun

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