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  • 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' - Movie Review

    'Alice Through the Looking Glass' - Movie Review

    'Alice Through the Looking Glass' has little that's above ordinary or exciting. The effects are woebegone and look pretty much classless. The production design looks half-done and the costumes while gunning for outlandish, looks closer to ridiculous. There's no magic or wonder here

  • 'Veerappan' - Movie Review

    'Veerappan' - Movie Review

    Is Ram Gopal Varma back in form with 'Veerappan'? Not really. But you do see glimpses of the lost genius in a few chase scenes. Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan and Usha Jadhav as Mutthulakshmi are perfectly cast and they both do a convincing job of it

  • 'Waiting' - Movie Review

    'Waiting' - Movie Review

    Anu Menon's 'Waiting' is a sensitive, unusual story. The movie tracks the behavioural pattern of two individuals belonging to two different generations when their lives comes to a standstill in a hospital waiting room, as their loved ones are locked in a life-and-death struggle

  • 'Sarbjit' - Movie Review

    'Sarbjit' - Movie Review

    'Sarbjit' is the story of a simple farmer's family as they struggle to prove Sarabjit Singh's innocence and get him back home. Randeep Hooda literally embodies utter despair of Sarabjit with sincerity that it seems all palpable and realistic

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