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  • Movie Review: 'Creature 3D'

    Movie Review: 'Creature 3D'

    This film keeps you engaged alright. During its two-hour plus period, it makes you snigger, snort, laugh out loud at the unintentional humour and makes you gasp with disbelief at the absurdity of it all

  • Movie review: 'Finding Fanny'

    Movie review: 'Finding Fanny'

    The film revolves around a bunch of fantastic actors together in a frame, sitting in a blue beaten car, presumably to find Fanny but largely to give us a delightful dollop of entertainment

  • Movie Review: 'The Prince'

    Movie Review: 'The Prince'

    The film is a botched up attempt in the thriller as well as the action genres. Clueless repetition is just one of the many cinematic sins it commits

  • Movie review: 'Mary Kom'

    Movie review: 'Mary Kom'

    Director Omung Kumar's film on Olympic medalist Mary Kom's life is extremely meek and plays irritatingly safe. Mary and Priyanka Chopra deserved a better film