Dahi Handi 2022: Mumbaikars celebrate Janmashtami after 2 years with festivities

Every year, the city comes alive during Janmashtami and the subsequent Dahi Handi celebration which starts early and goes on till the end of the day. The last two years have been very different due to the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdown because people weren't able to go out. The festival which usually starts with a puja in the night is followed by people stepping out with their friends and family to participate or watch govindas breaking the dahi handi across the city. Now, two years later, they are leaving no stone unturned and going to their favourite areas to experience the full fervour of the day

19 August,2022 07:42 PM IST
Abhishek Satam set out to watch and click pictures of Dahi Handi 2022 earlier today. Photo Courtesy: Abhishek Satam

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