Mid-Day Premium How is the South Asian pandan leaf becoming more popular

As the summer heat takes over Mumbai, the pandan leaf seems to be becoming more popular than ever before. It is being used not only by bartenders but also by chefs in different kinds of drinks and food to give them a delicious and refreshing flavour that Mumbaikars are warming up to out of curiosity

20 May,2024 02:11 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
The pandan leaf has a grassiness and rice-like taste that goes well with different kinds of dishes and drinks and pairs well with coconut. Photo Courtesy: Special Arrangment

World Hypertension Day 2024: Guided 3-minute-meditation for stress and anxiety

    World Hypertension Day 2024: Guided 3-minute-meditation for stress and anxiety

    Hypertension and stress can be overwhelming and meditation can be a powerful to manage it. If you have been grappling with a lot of stress lately, find your calm in minutes with this 3-minute-meditation for stress and anxiety. No need for fancy equipment or hours of your time. Join us as Suraj Janakar - Yoga Therapist from Kshemavana and Muskan Periwal - Junior Medical Officer from Kshemavana guide you through the steps of this quick meditation practice, suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Through gentle breathing exercises and mindful awareness techniques shown in this video by Kshemavana’s teachers you can easily ace stress. Kshemavana is a part of the SDME Group of Institutions that provides holistic therapy. This World Hypertension Day 2024, beat stress and anxiety with meditation and therapies - because you deserve a stress-free life.

    16 May,2024 07:38 PM IST

    Travel News

    Captain Gopichand becomes first Indian to tour space aboard Blue Origin

    Thotakura is the second Indian to visit space, after Rakesh Sharma's historic flight on Russia's Soyuz T-11 spacecraft in 1984

    20 May,2024 01:32 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Relationships News

    Single mothers find dating apps non-judgmental, seek real connections: Study

    46 per cent of single mothers who participated in the study stated that the rise of online dating has finally offered relief for single mothers to explore romantic connections conveniently and without the fear of judgment and prejudice

    09 May,2024 04:37 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
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