Mid-Day Premium How Mumbai’s slum champion Snehal Kshirsagar uses music to battle tobacco abuse

The theme for this year’s World No Tobacco Day is “We need food, not tobacco”. Taking inspiration from this theme, Snehal, a slum resident of Charkop, uses the power of music to campaign against tobacco chewing

31 May,2023 09:24 AM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi
Snehal picked Vasudev as her avatar and merged the power of music to create an anti-tobacco anthem. Photo Courtesy: Snehal Kshirsagar

Here’s how to quit smoking this World No Tobacco Day

    Here’s how to quit smoking this World No Tobacco Day

    “Even if you are smoking even one cigarette a day, one day you are going to get caught into this”, warns doctor Deepak Khanna, Consultant - Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. Smoking is known to cause more deaths in the world than most of the dreadful diseases we know of and quitting the habit of smoking might not seem easy. In this video, the doctor gives reasons why smoking is so addictive and the different ways one can take to quit smoking this No Tobacco Day.  

    29 May,2023 09:41 PM IST

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