Face yoga experts share asanas to get a toned jawline


Face yoga refers to the training of facial muscles to enhance features and activate blood circulation around the face and neck. Interestingly, our face constitutes 87 muscles which if stretched regularly, can induce youthful vitality naturally

10 December,2022 09:35 AM IST | Mumbai | Ainie Rizvi
These asanas need only 10 minutes of your day and don’t break a sweat. Photo Courtesy: Mansi Gulati

How This Mumbai Bookseller Found His Calling On A Footpath In Matunga

    How This Mumbai Bookseller Found His Calling On A Footpath In Matunga

    Almost 70 years after his father set up shop on a footpath in Matunga, Kasi Viswanathan continues to run Durai Book House on the very same spot. After taking over it 30 years ago, he has recognised changing trends and hopes to continue keeping Matunga as a hub for book lovers in Mumbai

    04 December,2022 02:42 PM IST | Mumbai

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