Mid-Day Premium Why this bookseller at Bhayander hopes more railway stations keep books

As Mumbai boasts of small book stalls in almost every nook and corner, the book stalls at its railway stations are a shadow of their distant past. Not only are they hardly like they used to be in their heyday but even with what remains, there are not many takers. However, one multipurpose stall manager hopes it to change

25 March,2023 01:27 PM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
Nandalal Prasad has been manning the stall at Bhayander railway station for 30 years and has had to convert it from a bookstall into a multipurpose stall. Photo Courtesy: Nascimento Pinto

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On Holi, during the day, people celebrate with colours and in the evening, they show love, respect, and gratitude towards their close ones

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Temperature's up: Here are a few fun ideas for dating during summer months

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