Chilli garlic suran? Here are some innovative ways for you to make yam


Available throughout the year, suran, yam or elephant’s foot yam, as it is more popularly called, may not be everybody’s favourite. Interestingly, chefs say a lot can be done with the root vegetable that may change the way you look at it and even start to enjoy it more than ever before

26 November,2022 09:24 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
Chef Vinayak Patil at Butterfly High suggests using suran to make a delicious yam galouti kebab with a Mexican twist. Photo Courtesy: Butterfly High

Rock Music Fans On Attending Independence Rock Music Festival Through The Years

    Rock Music Fans On Attending Independence Rock Music Festival Through The Years

    Independence Rock or I-Rock as it is more fondly known by rock music fans in India returned to the Mumbai after nine years. The festival saw a mix of young and old fans of rock music. While some have been attending it since 1992, there are others who have heard of it and wanted to attend the iconic festival for the first time.

    25 November,2022 05:42 PM IST | Mumbai

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    Is your partner feeling insecure? 10 signs to look out for

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