Myositis: All you need to know about the autoimmune condition


A month after Samantha Ruth Prabhu revealed she suffers from the condition, Vikram Bhatt came out in support of her because he himself has been dealing with an autoimmune condition for 18 years. Mumbai experts shed light on myositis and why people need to take care

30 November,2022 09:14 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
Mumbai experts say Myositis means a group of rare conditions leading to muscle weakness, tiredness, and unbearable pain. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Fitness Forward with Sonia Lulla featuring Dr. Manan Vora | Episode 4

    Fitness Forward with Sonia Lulla featuring Dr. Manan Vora | Episode 4

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    49 pct men think they are expected to initiate contact first on dating apps

    Their theory is supported by the fact that, even after the two have matched, women rarely start a discussion. The user data reveals that men send more first messages than women do

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