Mid-Day Premium Bajra cookie to Nutella stuffed cookie: Move over classic chocolate chip cookies

Do you fancy a cookie with your coffee or to simply snack on? Then you are not alone. On International Cookie Day 2023, Indian chefs tell us how to elevate the classic cookie into something totally new with easy recipes

04 December,2023 09:15 AM IST | Mumbai | Nascimento Pinto
Every year, December 4 is observed as International Cookie Day. Photo Courtesy: The Artlab

'Reading food labels is an important skill in the 21st century'

    'Reading food labels is an important skill in the 21st century'

    To be able to counter the evil of packaged foods, it is essential to read food labels. And it is this awareness that Revant Himatsingka aka Food Pharmer intends to spread. Despite facing lawsuits, this 'Food Pharmer' is on a journey to raise awareness about the evils of packaged foods. “Today, being able to read food labels is an even more important skill than coding," says Revant Himatsingka aka Food Pharmer. In an exclusive interview with Mid-day, Revant Himatsingka shares friendly tips on how to read food labels and make healthy mindful choices when buying packaged foods. Watch the video.

    29 November,2023 10:42 AM IST

    Travel News

    Tax-friendly destinations: A guide to the world's lowest taxes countries

    In this article, Shalini Lambah, the Country Head India of Migrate World, shares with IANSlife the optimal immigration destinations for Indian students, considering factors such as educational opportunities, post-graduation prospects and quality of life

    04 December,2023 04:26 PM IST | New Delhi | IANS

    Relationships News

    Emotional disconnect in married couples key cause of infidelity: Study

    The chances of infidelity exist when there is an emotional detachment between spouses. Partners frequently drift emotionally apart as a result of the hectic modern lifestyle, changing societal conventions and growing expectations of people

    04 December,2023 04:38 PM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent
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