Cut marks on 4,000-yr-old skulls show ancient Egyptians tried to treat cancer

Microscopic observation of skull 236 showed a big-sized lesion consistent with excessive tissue destruction, known as neoplasm

29 May,2024 10:49 AM IST | Mumbai | IANS
Further, there were also 30 or so small and round metastasised lesions scattered across the skull, with cut marks probably made by a sharp object such as a metal instrument. Image courtesy: Medicine

World Turtle Day 2024: Inside Maharashtra’s Velas village that is saving Turtles

    World Turtle Day 2024: Inside Maharashtra’s Velas village that is saving Turtles

    This World Turtle Day 2024, take a peek inside Maharashtra’s Velas village that is on a mission to conserve Turtles. Velas, a tranquil coastal village nestled between pristine beaches and majestic mountains that houses just 225 families, has transformed from its past of consuming turtle eggs to becoming a beacon of hope for Olive Ridley Turtle Conservation. Celebrate World Turtle Day with us as we explore Velas' inspiring conservation efforts and the remarkable beauty of its natural surroundings.

    23 May,2024 12:52 PM IST

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    Mid-Day Premium Pack light, travel like a pro with these handy hacks

    One suitcase or backpack is enough for an ideal vacation. Travel experts say, packing light when travelling is key for a hassle-free vacation. Packing smart with the right hacks can help keep the luggage items to the minimum

    28 May,2024 04:23 PM IST | Mumbai | Aakanksha Ahire

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    Insta Navigation: The Instagram Story Viewer

    In the powerful domain of web-based entertainment, Instagram has secured itself as a leader, continually acquiring highlights with upgraded client commitment

    29 May,2024 10:55 PM IST | Mumbai | Tanya Syed
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