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Tequila on the rise: Mixologists, restaurateurs dwell on the spirit's popularity

As a recent IWSR survey highlights the spirit’s popularity in India, mixologists, restaurateurs and industry voices stir the conversation about this development. Plus, the bars to hit for your next tequila fix

15 June,2024 09:05 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

Mumbai Food News

Chop suey toss-up: American or Chinese

Ahead of Chop Suey Day, we reach out to city chefs to understand the secret to this unique recipe that left a culinary and cultural imprint across the globe. Plus, a quick fire recipe, and places to savour the dish in Mumbai

13 June,2024 09:58 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar

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This Mumbaikar's project reimagines the dosa shaped as letters of the alphabet

Hari Chakyar’s project reimagines the South Indian snack shaped as the letters of the alphabet. Here’s how he created this idea

15 June,2024 09:56 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

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