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With competitive exams here, experts share tips for parents to navigate stress

As stress levels among parents reach new heights amidst the competitive exam season reaching its crescendo, experts share their tips for parents to navigate these testing times

24 June,2024 09:04 AM IST | Mumbai | Devashish Kamble
The viral video shows parents of a UPSC aspirant breaking down outside an examination centre in Gurugram after their daughter was disallowed from attempting the exam for arriving late. Pic Courtesy/Tej Tyagi on X; (right) Open communication with your child leading up to the exam can help set achievable expectations

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This popular Dadar eatery’s new addition of a Marathi thali is worth every penny

A popular Dadar eatery’s Marathi thali, a new addition on its menu since its inception in 1971, makes for a satisfying, hearty and paisa vasool meal

21 June,2024 09:10 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

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Mumbai-based rapper set to hit the toad on a mobile studio tour

A city-based rapper will set out on a journey across rural India in a mobile recording studio to put the spotlight on undiscovered female musicians

22 June,2024 09:57 AM IST | Mumbai | Devashish Kamble

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