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Playing as the audience

A new multilingual play will put the spotlight on theatre audiences and their quirks through anecdotes and observational humour

13 June,2024 09:59 AM IST | Mumbai | Devashish Kamble
The team rehearses the script before the performance

Mumbai Food News

Food review: Why this Kandivali eatery serves ice cream inside fruits

The latest buzz in the western suburb is an eatery that serves ice cream inside fruits in a unique approach to sustainability. We drop by for a short and sweet taste test

10 June,2024 09:21 AM IST | Mumbai | Devashish Kamble

Things to do News

On Anne Frank's birth anniversary, explore her life through different mediums

On Anne Frank’s birth anniversary, check out a book, film, and online tour which take a closer look at the 16-year-old’s life

12 June,2024 09:56 AM IST | Mumbai | Nandini Varma

Famous Personalities News

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