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Martini Day: Explore these twists to the classic cocktail, and make your own

As tipplers raise a toast on Martini Day, we’ve curated a few twists on the classic cocktail to savour across city bars and have also shared a quick DIY recipe to impress your guests at the next house party

19 June,2024 09:05 AM IST | Mumbai | Shriram Iyengar
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Indian chefs on dessert hummus trend that’s been taking social media by storm

Whether you’re on the lookout for a creamy breakfast spread or a cheat treat, dessert hummus can hit the right spot. Chefs share their take on this trend that’s been taking social media by storm

17 June,2024 09:15 AM IST | Mumbai | Anindita Paul

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As butter yellow is trending, use these tips to look fashionable with the shade

As butter yellow takes over celebrity looks and social media, an expert suggests ways to incorporate the shade for every kind of occasion

18 June,2024 09:31 AM IST | Mumbai | Devanshi Doshi

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