Mumbai crime: Duo held for sexually exploiting three 7-yr-olds

Investigation reveals that the duo had been exploiting the minors for the last five months


Mumbai crime: Alert residents nab drug suppliers from Juhu beach

Residents notice suspicious activities on Santacruz stretch of the beach, find some people selling drugs to youngsters; they alert cops, who raid rooms in Indra Nagar and find 3 kg of marijuana


A full-house matinee show at Navi Mumbai's Matinee Diner

Navi Mumbai's newest addition, Matinee Diner, is a sure shot hit and has a promising array of coffees and dishes to tuck into, which beckon encores


A silver lining

Located inside the TISS campus, a new community centre for senior citizens opens today, with a host of activities on offer


Mumbai teen hit by debris from construction site won't be able to swim, cycle

Parents of 13-year-old teenager Shashank Iyer are dismayed that their son, who was hit by debris from a construction site, has to take anti-epileptic drugs for three years and lead a life of great caution


Mumbai for kids: Snow World in Phoenix Market City

Every time I mentioned Snow World (SW) to a friend, the reaction would be a crinkled nose. But with soaring temperatures, any place guaranteeing -10 degrees seems like a good idea