Mazgaon society residents plan to celebrate Election Day

Members of Prabhat society have decided to come together on the day of elections to ensure that everyone goes out to vote


Voter flies into Mumbai from Delhi, only to find her name missing

The 39-year-old came to the city last week to cast her vote from a booth in Santacruz yesterday, but couldn’t find her name on the voters’ list; officials provided no assistance to her queries


Rising lemon price strikes a sour note this summer

The damaged crop, due to unseasonal rains in state, has pushed price of lemons at APMC to Rs 3 per piece; retailers charging Rs 4 to Rs 5 a piece


Mumbai Elections: For the first time in 18 years, this 57-yr-old couldn't vote

Under treatment for pneumonia at KEM Hospital, 57-yr-old Anita Manjrekar was keen on casting her vote, but decided against it when doctors told her she would have to take a discharge from the ICU if she wanted to make the trip


Mumbai teen hit by debris from construction site won't be able to swim, cycle

Parents of 13-year-old teenager Shashank Iyer are dismayed that their son, who was hit by debris from a construction site, has to take anti-epileptic drugs for three years and lead a life of great caution