• Of Iftikhar and Khar se Pyar

    Home to aesthetes and actors, sandwiched between Bandra and Santa Cruz, the little suburb of Khar has high civic mindedness

    18 October, 2020 07:50 IST
  • Luv shuv jihad

    "Because then sales will double, boss! That is called marketing strategy, samajyu ke?" he concluded

    18 October, 2020 07:33 IST
  • Wedding seasons

    Squeamishness about sex, desire's capacity to breach politically correct boundaries with libidinal force, sometimes makes bedfellows of ideological adversaries

    18 October, 2020 07:32 IST
  • Bhanu in the nation of thieves

    I love that video of her winning the Oscar: she is pleased, but not overwhelmed. She wore a simple, elegant blue sari with a hint of sequins, a silver choker and earrings, that's it

    18 October, 2020 07:31 IST
  • Nine forms of Durgas

    They represent the nine phases of the goddess' life. The nine nights of Navratri are a celebration of the Goddess in her entirety

    18 October, 2020 04:16 IST



  • Farmers are not our problem

    The people responsible for putting food on our plates have been struggling to survive for decades. Why don't we care?

    17 October, 2020 07:00 IST
  • The universe beyond us humans

    Bacteria come alive when they react with other ingredients during fermentation - witnessing and connecting with this very much sentient life gives me a sense of hope and surety.

    16 October, 2020 06:35 IST
  • Performance must count first

    The quality of cricket in the 1947-48 India v Australia Test series must be spoken about more than the incident involving Mankad and Brown.

    15 October, 2020 06:13 IST
  • It's a moment of truth, not TRP

    No, a lie does not have two sides to 'debate' on TV, and claim later that viewers were interested!

    14 October, 2020 06:55 IST
  • The unrepeatable Dr Varkey, RIP

    He believed that a good family doctor must help his patients live well but also when their time comes, guide them in passing on with grace and dignity.

    13 October, 2020 06:29 IST
  • It's time to save our green gatekeepers

    A flashback visit to Tamil Nadu's Pichavaram mangroves reminded us of the criticality of their existence and why this green heritage needs to be preserved in our city with renewed intent, now that Maharashtra ...

    12 October, 2020 07:19 IST
  • Of Facts, EH Carr and BJP

    Is India losing its grip on reality? Considering the alternative narratives that have been obscuring 'facts' and masquerading as truth under the ruling dispensation, it would definitely seem so

    12 October, 2020 06:08 IST
  • Axe of Parasurama

    Across India, Hindutva has raised gigantic muscular images of Parasurama wielding an axe, the same axe that was used to behead both Renuka and Kartarvirya Arjuna

    11 October, 2020 06:36 IST
  • Always Halen hearty

    The beauty of this is McCready, younger than Van Halen by 14 years, represents an era where rock took a dark and foreboding turn

    11 October, 2020 04:49 IST


  • I miss your clothes

    Meetings are good for accomplishing work and conferences for the intellectual and gossip quotient. But, oh the joy of other people's clothes!

    11 October, 2020 04:45 IST
  • Lato Kosero: Paradise now

    You realise that the story idea was primarily a base on which to try many joyous, inventive experiments with music and images, and in this, Gurung succeeds deliciously. Cannot wait for his next

    11 October, 2020 04:40 IST
  • Overworking at home

    Research on the gender implications of COVID-19 shows a spike in women's work load during home-bound festivals, the upcoming Navratri being no exception

    11 October, 2020 04:31 IST
  • People we thought we knew

    It's interesting how we lived with bigotry for years because of how well it was disguised by those around us

    10 October, 2020 05:20 IST
  • Learn to laugh at your failures

    Why does learning only have to be about acing and penalising errors? Can't we imbibe a process where we learn for the sake and the joy of it?

    09 October, 2020 06:02 IST
  • Short and sweet success

    Like COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works of the 2020 Kanga League, wet weather in the 1990 edition nearly caused a null and void situation before a minimum of five matches were possible for Sunder CC to...

    08 October, 2020 06:39 IST
  • Unknown, Rich > Famous, Vulnerable

    Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy are on Netflix because they would have once loved to. Just not this way!

    07 October, 2020 06:57 IST
  • How to tame an armed Somali pirate

    In 2009, Somali pirates in dinghies were cleaning up millions of seajacking ships and collecting ransoms. Who made them disappear 10 years later?

    06 October, 2020 06:13 IST
  • No walk in the park, this

    With resumption of walking tours to heritage sites, our sutradhars wonder whether the local babus will be able to ensure social distancing and other SOPs are strictly adhered to

    05 October, 2020 07:27 IST
  • Why Yogi fears the Hathras girl

    For the UP CM, the Hathras assailants being Rajputs, a caste he belongs to, seems to have exposed the BJP's claim of being the true champions of the Dalits, a votebank that contributed to putting him in power

    05 October, 2020 06:10 IST
  • I prefer luminaries

    Do people buy from filmstars? Well, Dream Girl Hema Malini has been endorsing a brand of water purifier, since IPL began. But, no one I know, buys this brand, except Dharam, Esha, Sunny and Bobby Deol

    04 October, 2020 04:28 IST
  • Politics of air-conditioners

    So, the furtive guy in the room down the corridor, the shady receptionist, the leery watchman, would think twice before pulling their stunts. It was precious advice I never forgot

    04 October, 2020 04:24 IST
  • Let us now pay homage to cliches

    Which shows us that cliches are dexterous like good-looking Yogi, sorry I mean, yoga influencers. Consider how easy it is for "No Country For Women" to become "Caste is Dead".

    04 October, 2020 04:19 IST
  • The imposter in my bed

    We also hear of Agni who is so aroused by the wives of the Seven Sages that to prevent him from doing the undesirable, his wife, Svaha, takes the form of those women and alleviates his desire. From this mispla...

    04 October, 2020 04:14 IST
  • All creatures great and small

    Today is World Animal Day, feast of St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. We recall some Bombay animal lovers' furry and feathered friends

    04 October, 2020 04:06 IST
  • We must be consistent in following basic COVID rules

    We simply cannot afford to let our guard down, both in our professional lives where unlock may mean inevitable contact with more people, or in our personal lives.

    03 October, 2020 04:49 IST

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