• For a fistful of rice

    Yet, it seems a prescient film for 2020, in which poverty and hunger are even more widespread in the midst of plenty, yet largely invisible to the government and the middle class

    22 November, 2020 04:19 IST
  • Hinglaj Mata in Pakistan

    When the goddess's head fell, creating a tremendous amount of heat and energy, it formed the valley. The volcano nearby is said to be the local Bhairav, protecting the head. This is called Baba Chandragupt

    22 November, 2020 04:15 IST
  • Waiting in the wings

    A live theatre show post-lockdown isn's just about disinfecting performance venues. It's an opportunity to curate stories suited to a COVID-impacted audience

    22 November, 2020 04:05 IST
  • Cities make us who we are

    History shows that the right kind of environment can create people who are either admirable or depraved. Where do we stand?

    21 November, 2020 07:00 IST
  • Exploring a writer's process

    Last week, I happened to misread a line and was led to the realisation that the method I employ for my craft is, in a way, an act of praying

    20 November, 2020 06:13 IST



  • When brilliant Barry called the shots

    Today marks 50 years for South African Richards's strokeful 325 runs in a day, plundered for South Australia against Western Australia at the WACA ground, Perth in the 1970-71 season

    19 November, 2020 06:13 IST
  • Why's acting equated to keeda/bug

    Guessing immortality is the pay-off for all the crazy price one pays to somehow be an actor on screen?

    18 November, 2020 04:56 IST
  • Waiting to soak in the culture

    Hit by nearly eight months of closure, the city's museums, our sanctuaries of culture and heritage, must wait longer to reopen

    16 November, 2020 08:00 IST
  • Asaduddin Owaisi: A warning sign

    Muslim community's support for the AIMIM is far higher than the party's victories in Bihar and Maharashtra; it should drive non-BJP parties to introspect on their reluctance and indolence in combatting Hindutv

    16 November, 2020 07:00 IST
  • Tu jaanta nahin mera mask kaun hai

    As one staff member plaintively said, "It is unfortunate that most of the violations are from upscale localities" yaniki, "tu jaanta nahin mera mask kaun hai".

    15 November, 2020 04:27 IST
  • Radha Tantra

    This song brings a tantrik flavour to the bhakti of Krishna. The inclusion of the erotic, at the time, was in direct contrast to the monastic Vedantic tradition that was spreading widely in Hinduism

    15 November, 2020 04:23 IST
  • Love on a leash

    The film, an Indo-French co-production in Hindi and English, reaches India after releasing in 23 nations, shame on us!

    15 November, 2020 04:19 IST
  • Karva Chauth, keys to the White House & Kohli

    There is some talk that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on November 26, and this will be added to our calendar's list of annual holidays. Some of my British Indian friends have told me that they're canvass...

    15 November, 2020 04:15 IST
  • Tramming it up in Bombay electric

    In the festival of lights, we map how overhead-wired trams from early 20th-century Bombay changed the way the city travelled and lived

    15 November, 2020 04:08 IST


  • Our forgotten, unsung heroes

    When was the last time you took the trouble to find out what your watchman's life was like?

    14 November, 2020 06:36 IST
  • Imagining a feminist utopia

    Male characters in The Queen's Gambit nurturing the female lead's innate genius instead of upholding patriarchal notions is a breath of fresh air that makes one question our culture of feeding self-doubt.

    13 November, 2020 06:31 IST
  • That little man from Baroda!

    Remembering the late Jaywant Lele for the way he handled player injury issues with the media when he was BCCI secretary.

    12 November, 2020 06:22 IST
  • Guess you win some, lose some

    The issue in the Arnab Goswami case isn't that he's a poor or even non-journalist, but that he's no good at business

    11 November, 2020 06:23 IST
  • How I pissed off George Harrison

    How a legendary journalist tracked down a world-famous musician, and spent six minutes alone with him in a lift in total silence.

    10 November, 2020 06:35 IST
  • A city for books

    Imagine a celebratory, yearlong event around literature across Bombay where its bookstores and libraries come to life? Such initiatives can go a long way in restoring and preserving the essence of community, a...

    09 November, 2020 07:08 IST
  • US shows democracy's limits

    Despite his vile language, racism and authoritarianism, Donald Trump polling nearly 8 million more votes and other indicators show that democratic debates do not necessarily change worldviews.

    09 November, 2020 06:15 IST
  • Up and running

    They had never heard that old-fashioned phrase 'birthday suit'. Naked as a baby on his birthday, Soman made an uncle joke, running in the same direction as us all - age. That's kind of comforting, and beautifu...

    08 November, 2020 04:28 IST
  • No time to die

    I always wondered, if in a magical Avengers-Indiana Jones scenario, why Connery didn't return to help Craig destroy the "villain" - but then Bond films aren't remakes. They're reimagined classics.

    08 November, 2020 04:23 IST
  • A rifle and a bag

    The film, in Gondi, Madia, Marathi and Hindi, is produced by the NoCut Film Collective, which the directors founded, after doing the Doc Nomads Masters Course in Documentary Directing, in Europe

    08 November, 2020 04:18 IST
  • Angry baby rishis

    His wife Swarcha gave birth to Pippalada, under the Pipal tree. When he learnt about how his father died in the service of the devas, he got very angr

    08 November, 2020 04:13 IST
  • Verse for the wear

    Meet the poets selling love poems to a world stocking up on sanitisers and masks

    08 November, 2020 04:08 IST
  • A crisis is great for business

    Our propensity for exploitation of the weak means that some Indians will always make hay while everyone else cries

    07 November, 2020 05:49 IST
  • There's an art to plucking apples

    Harvesting apples has become for me a metaphor for living, where my investment in the act is deeply emotional when the farm is my family's, and almost mechanical when it is someone else's.

    06 November, 2020 06:39 IST
  • November reign in Mumbai

    India's first-ever Test series win over Australia was achieved this week 41 years ago in Mumbai, where Sunil Gavaskar's team conquered Kim Hughes's second-stringers in a 2-0 triumph.

    05 November, 2020 06:48 IST
  • Anatomy of activism, as it were

    With non-violence being non-negotiable, are we progressively seeing more protests by middle-classes now, than ever in history?

    04 November, 2020 06:45 IST

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