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  • 'Madaari' - Movie Review

    'Madaari' - Movie Review

    'Madaari' is an addition to those films that give the common man power to topple the movers and shakers of society. Though the intention is right, the execution isn't. Watch the film only for Irrfan Khan and to know why he is top of the heap when it comes to histrionics

  • 'Kabali' - Movie Review

    'Kabali' - Movie Review

    Rajinikanth's 'Kabali' could have been a great film, but the characterless – literally and figuratively – script is not only bereft of any intelligence or imagination but also telegraphs what little plot twists it has. The resultant soggy mess of a film is thus neither director's nor star's

  • 'Lights Out' - Movie Review

    'Lights Out' - Movie Review

    James Wan may have given horror a new lease of life with his Conjuring's run at the box office but it's not one that can last forever for sure. His latest attempt 'Lights Out' expanded from David F Sandberg's much revered short film basically makes a dash at jump-scare horror tricks

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Dr. Love

'My girlfriend wants me to graduate'

'My girlfriend wants me to graduate'

My girlfriend wants me to graduate, but I think I should start working so I can earn money and take her out to better places. She doesn't get this

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