'Phantom' - Movie Review

'Phantom' - Movie Review

Watch Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer 'Phantom', flaws aside, it talks of a real concern facing all of us, even while taking a flight of fantasy. The climax is worth the ticket money

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  • 'Ricki and the Flash' - Movie Review

    'Ricki and the Flash' - Movie Review

    It's been thirty years since Meryl Streep's been appearing in movies and not once has she rendered a performance that seemed like she didn't put any effort in it. Even in forgettable movies Streep remains the only aspect worth remembering

  • 'No Escape' - Movie Review

    'No Escape' - Movie Review

    It's hard to fathom whom this film was made for. Perhaps folks who need a fix of some mindless action and thrills will find this passably interesting, but for those looking for something more meaningful, 'No Escape' is a deterrent

  • 'Manjhi - The Mountain Man' - Movie Review

    'Manjhi - The Mountain Man' - Movie Review

    Nawazuddin is brilliant as Manjhi. The film is carried solely on his frail but extremely capable shoulders. Watch it for Nawaz's performance, but more importantly, Dashrath Manjhi's awe inspiring self belief

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Dear Diana

'I am scared he will reject me...'

'I am scared he will reject me...'

I recently met this guy through mutual friends. I really like him, but he seems to be unaware of my feelings for him

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