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  • 'A Flying Jatt' - Movie Review

    'A Flying Jatt' - Movie Review

    This film is basically an attempt at big-screen entertainment aimed purely at kids. This is, as you know, a super-hero movie -- a comical one with an environmental message. And one can, somewhat, sense a franchise developing around the character

  • 'Mechanic: Resurrection' - Movie Review

    'Mechanic: Resurrection' - Movie Review

    There's obviously little in 'Mechanic: Resurrection' that could be classified as unique or interesting. Yes, Jason Statham has his trademark action moments – unfortunately they are no longer surprising!

  • 'Nine Lives' - Movie review

    'Nine Lives' - Movie review

    Director Barry ('Addams Family', 'Men in Black') Sonnenfeld appears to have lost that rapier wit down the line and is now clutching at claws, so-to-speak. And it's not a very heartening sight

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Malavika’s Mumbai

  • Justice prevails

    Justice prevails

    "When you choose to be sincere in your work ethic, maintaining an extremely high level of quality and standards, and when your integrity is attacked by malicious lies, you know you have to stand up for yourself," says interior designer Sussanne Khan, in response to news that the FIR lodged against her by a client had been summarily dismissed by the High Court of Goa yesterday

  • Now, an SRK-led Film City?

  • Effortless Chic

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Dr. Love

'How do I tell her it's over without hurting her?'

'How do I tell her it's over without hurting her?'

I don't love my girlfriend anymore. We have been together for a year now, but I don't feel as if we connect...

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Despite the fact that you are a bit possessive about your near and dear ones, particularly your beloved, your romantic life shall bloom today.Read More



Your instinct to dominate stems from deep-rooted insecurity. Accept this and you'll feel better. Else, in your bitterness, you may alienate important people.Read More



Today, your outlook on life will turn very positive, and your popularity amongst your personal and professional circles shall grow remarkably. Read More



Though you are a hard worker, the amount of work lined up today may be beyond your capacity. At such times, you have to say NO.Read More



Personal life shall dominate over your professional life. Renovating home interiors is on the cards. Enjoy the evening relaxing with your family.Read More



Seemingly negative events will actually be a blessing in disguise. Kids shall win accolades in the classroom and on the playfield.Read More



Today, your suppressed ingenuity will surface forcefully, and sweep your colleagues off their high-horses. Nice time to start a new venture with old pals.Read More



With your domestic life in doldrums, you need to act in an extremely mature manner today. Make sure you get into damage control mode.Read More



There shall be no dearth of advice and suggestions today. If you find them worthy, you can follow them for your own benefit.Read More



An opportunity to strengthen your monetary position will fleet by you today. If you are not alert enough, you may miss it.Read More



You love to talk, and today you will have to talk so much, that in the evening, the only thing you would want is solitude.Read More



It is highly unlikely that your expectations will come true today. Just keep your disappointment at bay, you also need to lower your expectations.Read More