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  • 'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    'The Bye Bye Man' - Movie Review

    This Stacy Title directed cinematic adaptation by Jonathan Penner of Robert Damon Schneck’s horror pulp fiction titled “The Bridge to Body Island” is nothing but a repetitive saga of gore fashioned on the premise that people are susceptible to repetitive forebodings of a sinister nature

  • 'The Founder' - Movie Review

    'The Founder' - Movie Review

    A biopic that hopes to give the audience a deep insight into the life-and-times of the McDonald's founder has gotten most of its facts right but unfortunately it prefers to be conciliatory rather than aggressive in its approach to charting this unauthorized cinematic biography

  • 'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    'One in a Billion' - Documentary Film Review

    The director sets the narrative in the form of a thriller taking us all the way to a down-to-the-wire moment and it works. Notwithstanding that minor hiccup over language preferences, this documentary on Satnam Singh Bhamara is fulsomely appealing and is sure to hold you in thrall!

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Dr. Love

'Should I wear tight clothes just for my boyfriend?'

'Should I wear tight clothes just for my boyfriend?'

Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

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Today you may seek a change from your daily routine, which shall drive you towards leisure activities. But, don’t overspend, stay within your limits. The Week Ahead: Saturn’s influence may not let you get full results out of your endeavours in this week. Ganesha advises you to wait patiently for results.Read More



The generation gap betweeen parents and you may widen. They may think you are too forward; you may think they are backward. This chasm must be bridged delicately. The Week Ahead: Many of you may not be satisfied about a present situation. Some sort of mental anxiety or disquiet may assail you, foresees Ganesha.Read More



You may get carried way by mushy feelings for your beloved. Remember there is a lot of domestic work on your platter. Watch your health, too. The Week Ahead: Either routine activities may eat up your time, or daily disruptions may leave you irritable. Things will improve mid-week.Read More



A pleasant and positive day lies ahead. But, things may not be rosy on the personal front. Petty issues may cause tension in the family. The Week Ahead: This week, Saturn aspects the Sun posited in the 8th House from your Sign. It cautions you to be careful in various matters.Read More



Although you may be overloaded with domestic work, it may not be urgent or important. Set your own pace, neither too fast nor too slow. The Week Ahead: Professionals will be able to increase their efficiency, which will help them finish pending tasks. Growth prospects look encouraging.Read More



Today you should focus on things that have been at the back of your mind, such as buying property. Students need to study harder, though. The Week Ahead: Good news! The stars will be supportive, helping you turn negotiations in your favour. You look set to grab the deal, mid-week.Read More



Muster up all your humility and be receptive to teachings and wisdom of elders in your family. Don’t interfere in others’ personal lives. The Week Ahead: Eager to explore greener pastures? Well, this week stars will support your efforts directed towards planned change and novel concepts.Read More



New vehicle or house that you had booked, may be ready for delivery or possession, sooner than expected. Very pleasant surprise for your family. The Week Ahead: Learning from your past week’s mistakes, you will now plan to put in place a strategy that will help you increase your income.Read More



With your energy levels dipping way below normal, even simple domestic tasks may appear to be difficult. Relax, tomorrow will be better. The Week Ahead: Short-term travel is likely for marketing and sales related activities. Be ready to wait for concrete results. There will be routine gains.Read More



The day is auspicious for investing money to buy latest domestic gadgets. But, be very careful select a good quality product. The Week Ahead: From Wednesday onwards, you shall regain your focus and become alert. You will also manage to shake off all your negatives.Read More



Singles may be swept up to the seventh heaven by the ecstasy of first intrusions of Cupid. Expect to establish a beautiful, long lasting relationship. The Week Ahead: Relationship issues are likely to catch your attention as the week begins. If there has been a conflict, try not to hold grudges.Read More



On this fabulous day, you will be overflowing with energy, swiftly accomplish personal tasks that would normally be too daunting for others. The Week Ahead: After last week’s partnership dilemmas, you may now be driven to realign all your energies towards concrete work. You will be happy.Read More