'Dishoom' - Movie Review

'Dishoom' - Movie Review

The filmmakers have splurged on the styling in 'Dishoom', but not on the storytelling. Agreed it is a leave-your-brains-at-home entertainer, but some method to the madness would have helped it


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  • 'The BFG' - Movie Review

    'The BFG' - Movie Review

    While this dedication to the memory of Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter of 'E.T' The Extraterrestrial) may be an appropriate one, it's not necessarily a befitting tribute to her talent. This Steven Spielberg directed adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel centers on the friendship between a lonely orphan and the Big Friendly Giant

  • 'Ghostbusters' - Movie Review

    'Ghostbusters' - Movie Review

    'Ghostbusters' is an out-and-out all women show, with the women busting the paranormal apparitions with their custom built state-of-art gadgets and the sheer force of their combined personalities. The humor is what makes it fairly likeable

  • 'Bad Moms' - Movie Review

    'Bad Moms' - Movie Review

    The sight gags in 'Bad Moms' are funny enough, the writing though is pretty much pedestrian and the exaggerations are obviously not intended to be mean or hurtful to either sex. So just take it in like it is (mindless entertainer)…if you care!

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Dr. Love

'Birthday girl, you have some growing up to do'

'Birthday girl, you have some growing up to do'

It's my birthday next week and I want my boyfriend to take me to dinner but he says he can't because he has an important meeting at work and may be fired for leaving early that evening. What do I do?

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As a rule, you tend to be very tight-fisted when it comes to spending money, but you will shower your beloved with material goodies today.Read More



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All your dormant creativity will come to the fore. Whatever you do shall reflect your imaginativeness. You may even try to profit from it financially.Read More



Avoid ego clashes with your spouse. Try your best to nip all arguments in the bud. Thrash out all differences through open-hearted discussions.Read More



You will develop a distinct bent for reading literature. Many of you may take to spiritual texts, while some may turn to the action-packed thrillers.Read More



Students desperate to go abroad for advanced studies will see a ray of hope. Speculative transactions may also yield good profits today.Read More



If some of your colleagues are on leave, you may be burdened with their work today. Anyway, you have the energy to accomplish it all.Read More



You are an expert at adjusting, hence you hardly face any problems in your relationships. This expertise shall come in handy today.Read More