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  • 'The BFG' - Movie Review

    'The BFG' - Movie Review

    While this dedication to the memory of Melissa Mathison (Screenwriter of 'E.T' The Extraterrestrial) may be an appropriate one, it's not necessarily a befitting tribute to her talent. This Steven Spielberg directed adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel centers on the friendship between a lonely orphan and the Big Friendly Giant

  • 'Ghostbusters' - Movie Review

    'Ghostbusters' - Movie Review

    'Ghostbusters' is an out-and-out all women show, with the women busting the paranormal apparitions with their custom built state-of-art gadgets and the sheer force of their combined personalities. The humor is what makes it fairly likeable

  • 'Bad Moms' - Movie Review

    'Bad Moms' - Movie Review

    The sight gags in 'Bad Moms' are funny enough, the writing though is pretty much pedestrian and the exaggerations are obviously not intended to be mean or hurtful to either sex. So just take it in like it is (mindless entertainer)…if you care!

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Malavika’s Mumbai

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Dr. Love

'Sex is not the only way to make him happy'

'Sex is not the only way to make him happy'

Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

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Today’s Horoscope



Try to open up today. Make sure you share your dreams and aspirations with your spouse, kids and parents. The Week Ahead: Businessmen will be enthusiastic and plans to increase turnover will be made. Job holders will be required to sit extra long in office to fulfill additional tasks.Read More



Even though the cosmos is in your favour today, your mind may constantly harp on some complex theme, keeping you on tenterhooks. The Week Ahead: Disturbances in the family may upset you at this point. Money matters also need to be well deliberated upon before taking any decisions.Read More



You will be in such an enterprising mood that you will stop at nothing, pushing yourself to complete domestic tasks at the earliest. The Week Ahead: The presence of the Sun in passionate Leo along with Venus in the third House is indicative of a good time for socialising and partying.Read More



Overall, this may be a less favourable day. Especially for purchasing new things, so avoid shopping today. Just postpone buying new domestic gadgets. The Week Ahead: Now is the beginning of intense struggle and big challenges for you. Ganesha cautions you about forging new relationship with the opposite sex here. Read More



Today your mind will be brimming with fresh, novel and radical ideas. Take pains to jot them down so that their essence remains with you. The Week Ahead: Professionals will not be satisfied by their position and earnings. You will be convinced that you deserve better, higher designation and more money. Read More



You are likely to come up with innovative ideas to earn some extra bit of money. Your life partner will also share his/her thoughts. The Week Ahead: Refrain from becoming offensive. Instead, try to raise your level of compatibility, suggests Ganesha. Look at the larger picture to remain cool.Read More



Keep the big picture in mind, instead of getting embroiled in trifle matters today. You may get tired — meditate to relieve the stress. The Week Ahead: Mid-week Mars moves after a long stay in its own watery Scorpio, into the fiery Sagittarius. Indirectly, this change will make you comfortable financially. Read More



You might feel slightly emotional, however you would do well to avoid getting nostalgic. Stick to the here and now. The Week Ahead: Be careful while forming new friendships, particularly with someone of the opposite sex. This may be someone with no goals and ambitions.Read More



Today you will reinvent yourself as the perfect family person and expend loads of quality time with your better half and kids. The Week Ahead: This philosophy of swimming against the tide suits you. Around the weekend, Venus enters Virgo. From here on, you will be more organised. Read More



Don’t expect too much in return for all the good deeds you have done in the past. Anyway, in the evening, you will feel satisfied. The Week Ahead: There are good days ahead. The prompt compliance to all your needs and desires by your partner will put you on top of the world.Read More



Today you will be brimming with positivity and happiness, owing to the fact that you have now received some much-anticipated good news from abroad. The Week Ahead: Towards weekend, Venus shifts into Virgo. You will now settle down in your secure comfort zone, and may become averse to taking risks.Read More



You will get many fresh ideas, but some of them may slip your mind. You would do well to jot down all of them. The Week Ahead: Businessmen and professionals may have to toil hard this week. Mars transiting through the 10th House will keep you highly energised.Read More