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  • 'Tamasha' - Movie Review

    'Tamasha' - Movie Review

    'Tamasha' is not a film telling us a trite, oft repeated story of longings and ecstasies of a man and woman in love. This unique love story talks of self love. Ranbir Kapoor is brilliant as the vulnerable, unsure Ved. Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous and is effortless as Tara

  • 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' - Movie Review

    'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' - Movie Review

    'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' manages to get the formula right. There's far more involvement, enough empathy and greater revelry in this final segment than there was in the first part. But it's also riddled with a great deal of sameness

  • 'Creed' - Movie Review

    'Creed' - Movie Review

    Ryan Coogler sets up story with this formulaic revisit of the 'Rocky Balboa' story-albeit with a new and relatively fresh young player to help stir up the passions. Despite all the shortcomings, 'Creed' is a fairly decent representation of a new-gen spin-off of the age-old studio hit formula

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Dear Diana

'I have fallen for this new girl in office...'

'I have fallen for this new girl in office...'

I am in love with an office colleague. She joined two months ago and it was love at first sight. I can't take my eyes off her and she has often caught me staring at her

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Your articulacy shall soar new heights today, impressing everyone around you. Monetarily, you shall feel very comfortable.Read More



A red-letter day is on the cards. You shall spend quality time with dear ones and invite friends and relatives for party at your place.Read More



You never work so hard as you shall do today. The fruits of your labour may not come instantly, but your efforts shall be appreciated.Read More



A tough day lies ahead for you. Hence, you would do well to postpone tackling the challenges, as luck is not on your side. Read More



A simmering problem may vex you - just nip it in the bud. The challenges arising today might force you to adjust accordingly.Read More



Although you may feel tense and ponder in the morning, you shall abandon all worries as the day progresses.Read More



You shall realise that you were highly successful in your work, mainly due to the support of your family. You shall today express your gratitude. Read More



Your love relationships are bound to fortify today. In case you have already proposed, there are many chances that it may be accepted.Read More



Your positive attitude shall enable you to make complex issues simple. Also make your voice heard when it matters the most.Read More



Your gut feelings shall be very strong. Don't neglect them in your work or love life. If you wish to propose your beloved, go ahead!Read More



You shall overcome all difficulties and prove your mettle. Your magnetic persona shall also attract the adulation and attention of everyone around you.Read More



This is a propitious day on the financial front. However, exercise caution, if you are planning to play the stock markets.Read More