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  • 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Movie Review

    'The Man Who Knew Infinity' - Movie Review

    'The Man Who Knew Infinity' is an extra-ordinary story of passion and perseverance that was waiting to be told. The mathematics in it may be Greek and Latin to most but at the heart lies a tragic tale of passion and purity that catches you within its emotional bonds at least for brief spells of time

  • 'Baaghi' - Movie Review

    'Baaghi' - Movie Review

    'Baaghi' is not a classic by any standards, and there are some obvious flaws. But watch this film for Tiger Shroff. There is no one who fights like he does. It is a pure delight to watch this young actor move his hard earned body with such fluidity and ease

  • 'Mother's Day' - Movie Review

    'Mother's Day' - Movie Review

    'Mother's Day' is meant to be about mothers but most of the narrative revolves around representations of women as wives, ex-wives, lovers, daughters and just peripherally deals with them as mothers. As such, this tribute turns out to be just a little too shallow!

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Malavika’s Mumbai

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Dear Diana

'She told me it's over...'

'She told me it's over...'

I was friendly with this girl for over three years. I met her through common friends and we hit it off well. We started hanging out together and I was extremely comfortable in her company

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Expect to encounter some mysterious and fantastic event. You may not be able to comprehend this event to the fullest, yet it shall prove beneficialRead More



Your communication skills shall provide a breakthrough in business deals. Curb the temptation to be sentimental, else it may cause disputes in near future.Read More



Take a break from the daily humdrum and plan a vacation with your dear ones. Best part is, you shall have enough money for it.Read More



Anticipating a meeting with an old buddy in the evening, you may be in a hurry to complete your daily tasks in office today.Read More



Aura of invincibility shall prevail in everything you lay your hands on today. Best way to deal with antagonists is to play the waiting game.Read More



Successful though your recent strategies may be, you shall think out of the box, and come up with new ideas, increasing your business profits.Read More



Today is auspicious for commencing a new business, especially in partnership with an old pal -- he/she will prove to be very lucky for you.Read More



On this wonderful day, businesspersons are likely to make huge profits, while professionals shall outperform due to their communication skills.Read More



You may have to devote endless hours in organising and detailing things in your workplace. In stark contrast - the evening shall be relaxing.Read More



When things become slightly difficult - you tend to become very disoriented. Just try to remain calm - things shall become easy!Read More



Determined to clear out all the clutter from your life and begin anew, you shall march ahead. This will motivate you to discard futile thoughtsRead More



Generally, you are not too materialistic by nature but you shall now realise the importance of financially securing your and your family’s future.Read More