Salman Khan, who has been banned by the paparazzi, says the loss is on both sides even as he made it clear that photographers should not be under any misconception that stars exist because of them.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Last week, at a promotional event here of the 48-year-old actor's upcoming film 'Kick', camera-persons requested Salman to pose at a particular spot, which he reportedly turned down.

Apparently thereafter a scuffle took place between the photographers and Salman's security guards at the event following which the actor went on to say, "Those who want to cover the event are welcome to stay, the rest can leave if they wish." This worsened the situation after which press photographers decided to boycott the 'Dabangg' star.

Asked to comment Salman said, "Why should I step in it is not my job. It is between (private) bodyguards and press photographers. I am a star I have come here I stand and you take pictures.

It is your choice to not to take my pictures. I hope they can survive." "At least there are some people who have taken a stand whether it is right or wrong is a different thing. It is their loss and even my loss in this thing," he said in an interview here. "If they think we cannot to do without them or if they think we are there because of them then it is not true.

This has to be checked. We stand there because they are working hard. They have to make money (as well) as they have family," he said. "Even after getting pictures the photographers keep waiting and clicking photos... Also, I would be happy if that whole fraternity says we will not take his pictures.. I would be really happy," he added.

Even at Congress MLA Baba Siddiqui's Iftar, according to Salman, everyone including the politicians were almost hit on their faces by cameras.

"At Baba Siddiqui's event they were leaning on everybody from Chief Minister to all ministers to municipal commissioner and others.. nobody could say anything.. But that stuff doesn't work with me," Salman said. "They have long lenses so why come close.. shoot from 30 feet away, shoot from outside.

They shot a picture of me and Priyanka Chopra from outside the building in the middle of the night. It is because they are competing with each other, they keep coming ahead," he said. "Anyways the loss is there's. I feel those who behave like this should not be invited," he added.

Salman, who has shared a love-hate relationship with the media, claims TRP's influence news reports. "I find giving one on one interview boring as they don't understand my humour. What you look for is that 30 seconds of the news from the whole half hour or one hour interview.

Whatever you want to listen, I will say it like that way only," Salman said. "It is not journalism anymore... it is all about TRP," he said.