On the day of her death
Jiah had flown back to Mumbai from auditions at Hyderabad and directly gone to Sooraj’s house at Shanti Bhavan. She didn’t inform her mother about her return and that she was staying with Sooraj. She only messaged “landed, coming,” to her mother at 9:09 am. She came back home at 9:30 am. Jiah, in the afternoon, informed her mother Rabiya that she had been selected for a song in a Telugu movie. Later they went shopping.

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Jiah Khan and Sooraj Pancholi
Jiah Khan and Sooraj Pancholi

7.43 pm: Jiah calls Sooraj
The charge sheet said that Sooraj received a call from Jiah at 7.43 pm, and according to him, Jiah informed him that she had been selected for two Telugu movies and an item song. To congratulate her, Sooraj sent a bouquet with ‘Best of luck’ on it. Till 9.15 pm Jiah was at her cousin’s place while Rabiya was at her friend’s place. Jiah was offered dinner by her cousin which she declined because she wanted to go to bed early, as next morning she had to pick up her younger sister Kavita from the airport. She was coming from London for an engagement. Her cousin, Faizan, noticed that she was upset. Jiah replied that she was expecting a call from a film person from Hyderabad. At 9.19 she received a call that she was selected for an item song in a Telugu movie.

9.25 pm: Jiah reaches home
At 9.25 pm, Jiah reached home and found the delivery boy waiting outside and collected the bouquet from him. She called up Sooraj and thanked him. After almost half an hour, CCTV footage caught Jiah who came down with the bouquet, gave it to building watchman Paswan, and told him to throw it in the dustbin.

10.04 pm: Jiah calls Sooraj
At 10.04 pm Jiah called Sooraj asking him where he was. Sooraj said he was at Novotel hotel waiting for jewellery designer Neelkamal Soni. Jiah immediately called Soni to confirm, and she said she was at home and would meet Sooraj the next day. Jiah accused Sooraj of lying and a heated argument broke out.

10.22 pm: They speak
Sooraj later did not answer calls from Jiah. She sent several BBM messages which irritated Sooraj and he deleted the BBM account. At 10.22 Sooraj and Jiah spoke, after which he switched off his phone and left for his house. Jiah went to Sooraj’s Haate Bungalow. He had informed his staff that if Jiah arrived, they should tell her that he was with his father, Aditya, busy in a meeting. When Jiah tried to enter the house she was stopped and later left the bungalow after taking an auto. Sooraj spoke to Jiah at 10.45 pm, a conversation which lasted for 400 pulses and it was a heated conversation. At 10.48 pm Jiah is seen entering her building alone.

10.54 pm: Last call by Sooraj
The last call made by Sooraj to her at 10.54 pm was of very short duration. Thereafter Jiah did not respond to his calls. He sent her 10 messages.

11.30 pm: Rabiya finds Jiah
At 11.30 pm Jiah’s mother arrived and found her hanging. It was reported to the police and an FIR was registered.

The 10 messages
10.56pm: cal if u wanna talk
10.56pm: leave
10.57pm: you just made my life a prison realy just wanted to eat food with kaan meet neelu and give her your new order… u ### creep u spy on my shady ## person how will we ever work if u do this shit.. I always trust u blindly.. Please leave me alone!
10.57pm: u ### it up for u!
10.58pm: I m very unhappy
11.03pm: u think I ## an jealous of your success hahahahahaha ## ungrateful person
11.03pm: Talk to neelu and find out for yourself what happened I .. wanted to surprise u on Thursday thanks for ####ing it up.. when u find out the truth talk to me before that don’t even think about it.. how cud u spy on me with neelu this is ###
11.08pm: call asap its urgent
11.21pm: call me now
11.21pm: I wanna talk to u asap