Cop, phone booth owner rescue child within an hour of his abduction

A newly employed man kidnapped his employer’s three-and-a-half-year-old son from New Prabhadevi Road, but an alert policeman, with the help of a prompt phone booth owner, managed to rescue the child in less than an hour from his disappearance. Kirtik, the victim, is the son of Ramshankar Yadav, owner of Devendra Flour Mills in New Prabhadevi Road, Dadar. Yesterday around noon, Ramshankar got a call from a man, who told him that his son had been kidnapped. The kidnapper asked for a ransom of Rs 15,000 for his son’s release.

Kirtik, with Police Sub-inspector Anant Wadkar and Bhai Parab.
Kirtik, with Police Sub-inspector Anant Wadkar and Bhai Parab

“I immediately checked with my wife, who told me that Kirtik was out playing. But, soon we realised that he had been kidnapped,” said Ramshankar, who then contacted local politician Bhai Parab. Parab and Ramshankar approached the Dadar police station and narrated the incident to Police Sub-inspector Anant Wadkar. “We were narrating the incident again, when a call came from the kidnapper, who demanded the ransom,” said Parab.

The abductor
The abductor

Wadkar noticed that the kidnapper was calling from a landline. He called back on the number, and the owner of a public booth answered the phone. In a few seconds, Wadkar explained the urgency of the situation to the owner, and asked him if it was possible for him to apprehend the man who had just made a call from his booth. “The public booth owner also cooperated with the police, and caught hold of the accused with the help of a police constable, as there was a police chowkie nearby. It turned out that the accused was the employee Virendra Yadav. In the meantime, we reached the public booth on S V Road, Malad,” said Wadkar.

The accused has been booked for kidnapping. The police said that he had demanded his salary on Saturday, but as he was drunk, his boss had asked him to come another day. “We will produced Yadav in Bhoiwada court on Tuesday and also recommend Wadkar for an award,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone V) Dhananjay Kulkarni.

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