Double-decker saves biker thrown off Dadar TT flyover

The 42-year-old victim is critical though the bus saved him from certain death, doctors at Sion Hospital are currently treating him for multiple fractures and head injuries

A 42-year-old man was severely injured as he fell off the Dadar TT flyover after being hit by a car on Monday night. A double-decker bus, passing under the flyover, broke his fall and saved his life, eye-witnesses told mid-day.

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Anwar Atiullah Shaikh, who was riding his Honda Activa, was hit and pushed to the wall of the flyover by a speeding car. Pic/Atul Kamble
Anwar Atiullah Shaikh, who was riding his Honda Activa, was hit and pushed to the wall of the flyover by a speeding car. Pic/Atul Kamble

Motorists who witnessed the accident said Anwar Atiullah Shaikh, who was riding his Honda Activa, was hit and pushed to the wall of the flyover by a speeding car. While the scooter was sandwiched between the car and the wall, Shaikh – later identified as a Kurla resident – was thrown off.

“It happened at 9.20 pm,” said an eyewitness. “The car driver, who was traveling along with three other women, lost control and pinned the scooter with the man and a pillion rider against the boundary wall.”

The pillion rider also sustained injuries, but since he got stuck with the vehicle he didn’t fall down. The two were riding home from Shaikh’s Bombay Central workplace.

A double-decker bus was passing on the road below just as Shaikh fell and broke his fall.

“I saw him falling on the bus and then falling on the ground,” said an onlooker below the flyover. “Had he directly fallen down on the road, there was no chance he would have survived the fall.”

Passersby rushed Shaikh to Sion Hospital, where he is in the Intensive Care Unit.

His brother Salim told mid-day that Shaikh has suffered severe head injuries. “We only know that he was coming back home on his bike. Police officials from the hospital informed us about the case. He is very serious and is admitted in the ICU of the hospital,” said Salim.

Doctors said Shaikh was brought by 9.40 pm and was admitted to the Emergency Surgery Room (ESR). They said his condition is critical due to the multiple fractures and head injuries.

The Matunga police have filed a case of negligence against the car driver. Investigating officer Pradeep Patil told mid-day that they have managed to get the number and address of the car driver.

“We are taking witness statements. We will arrest the driver soon,” said Patil.

  • Sayeed Khan05-Jan-2016

    Sorry All he his my Mamu ( Uncle) and he is no more.. please pray for him

  • Sayeed Khan05-Jan-2016

    Brother SAHIL and Sumant please look into the matter seriously he fall down because car hit the scooter from behind and that is why he fall down due to the jerk.. and there were many eye witness they told us.. brother. please do not conclude without knowing the fact.. Please pray for my uncle..

  • AMIT N05-Jan-2016

    @Samant I think you never saw any car driver driving insanely. Or you drive a car and thats why you are supporting a car driver?Car drivers are the worst rash drivers especially the tourist car one

  • Samant05-Jan-2016

    How do we know the car driver was at fault? These two wheelers always try to squeeze through narrow gaps between vehicles.and one question always bothers:-In an accident, why is always the survivor is the culprit and the person who dies is the victim?... In India if u survive an accident, U will get arrested though u may not be at fault.

  • sunny05-Jan-2016

    eyewitness are saying that car drivers who was travelling with 3 girls push the biker car driver must doing some nonsense in the car with girls so he lost the controll and pushed the biker to the corner

  • Sahil05-Jan-2016

    You r right Samant .. Most bikers in india die this kind of death ... the 2 wheelers have no sense of discipline on the roads. you , me and the whole of country knows abt it.. although i hope he is alive to teach other bikers the lesson abt the mistake he created.

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